My First Blog Post & Dailylook Style Sets Contest!! :)

    Hello, wonderful people! This is my very first post on this blog and I am so excited for this. I have been using the website called Dailylook for almost half a year, where you can find loads of amazing clothes, accessories, shoes, and purses. I found this website though Ingrid, aka Missglamorazzi on YouTube (*and for the side note, I LOVE HER.) and I fell in love with it. They have something for everybody. And THANK GOD, they ship internationally. I ordered from them about a month ago and the shipping was fine. I really like Dailylook and I check their website all the time.
    This time, they are having a contest where you can win store credit. It is super easy to enter. You just go to the contest page on their website and create your own style and publish through their website. All the rules are on their website so I am not going to details here but basically you put together some outfits that you like with your own style and you are ready to go! Down below is what I have created. I actually own the tops and the skirt and I really like it. They are super comfy and super pretty. I really enjoyed making this. This is my first try so please don't judge me on this. I kind of felt like I was an editor of a magazine or something! It was very cool, and it was so easy to create. So, if you love fashion like me, or if you just want to check out their clothes, go to their website now and have fun with it! AND, if you liked the outfits that I put together, that would be so nice if you could give this a nice little like! ♡

Beautysets - Flowers on Black
Dl-97098_v0 Dl-96760_v0 Dl-90129_v0 Dl-90587_v0 Dl-89562_v0 Dl-85879_v0 Dl-85118_v1 Dl-84453_v0 Dl-82365_v0 828_stick_shoes_b

 Also, I'm on Instagram and I have lots of fashion related photos and nailpolishes so if you are interested, please follow me :) My Instagram is mayumi1992.

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it :)
I will see you on my next blog!!

much love,

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