New Year's Eve Nail Polish Ideas

Hello, everyone! So, yes, 2013 is almost finished. How crazy! 2013 was like boom! fast!! Anyway, in case you do not know, I'm a nail polish crazy and it's one of the things that sparkle my daily life. I wear them all the time and enjoy seeing colors and glitters on my nails. It's like outfit to me. I change my nail polishes depending on my mood, where I'm going, or what I'm wearing. Today, I'm going to give you some nail polish ideas for NYE! All of them are super easy to do and don't require any professional skills. You can casually rock these nail art without going to a nail salon! I hope you find it helpful in some way!

So let's go ahead and jump into it!

These are the gorgeous nail polishes that I'm going to use.
You can use any nail polishes of your choice. 

If you like blue, go for it! If you like pastel color, go for it! But I personally recommend using shimmery colors and some glitter/metallic ones because it only make sense to use them for NYE!

I'm just using some colors that I think are very appropriate for NYE. I listed the name of the nail polishes that I used at the end in case you would like to use the same colors as mine!

You will also need,
1. Your choice of base coat and top coat
2. Some toothpicks
3. A piece of parchment baking sheet or any paper 

I came up with these two ideas :)

Let's move on to the fist one!

1. Apply base coat.
2. Apply a coat of your main color.
3. Wait 2-3 minutes before applying the second coat.
4. Apply second coat.
5. Wait 2-3 minutes.

If you're wondering "why the heck she's doing two coats of this?!,"it's because taking a little more time to apply two coats make a HUGE difference. It makes them much glossy and show its true color. I also think it creates more "I just got my nails done at a nail salon." finish. 

Now it's fun time!

6. Put several drops of the accent color on to the baking sheet.

7. Use a toothpick and carefully write "2014" on to your thumb nail. Do not use too much nail polish when you write. Build it slowly. But don't be too careful here! 

I think I did pretty good!
Now it's time to create the ball drops on your nails!

8. Add some dots. I just used the brush of my nail polish to apply it because the brush was small enough to create the perfect dots but you can also use a toothpick to apply it. 

9. Let them dry completely. It's very important that you let it fully dry before applying topcoat. You don't want to mess up what you just created, right? 

Here is the finished look. How pretty! It's so easy and fun to do this design, too! I really like the combination of the pop of super shimmery pink and this silvery-grayish-metalic glitter. Perfect for NYE, don't you think? <3 

"NYE Ball Drop"

*Also, a quick note for disclaimer, I named my designs just because I felt like it!
and I hope you like my sassy naming sense!

Let's move on to the next one!
This is much more easy and it doesn't require ANY technique nor concentration. If you don't have enough time to do the drop one or if you just want to do your NYE nails super quick yet you want to make them fabulous, this is the one for you.

For this design, you'll need a darker color such as black, navy blue, or deep green. But really any dark colors would work. And, of course, chunky glitters.


So first you just do the same thing but let's just list them again, shall we?

1. Apply base coat.
2. Apply a coat of your main color.
3. Wait 2-3 minutes before applying the second coat.
4. Apply second coat.
5. Wait 2-3 minutes.

You may or may not be able to see the subtle shimmer in this black nail polish!
*Dry faster!!!! lol

6. Now apply chunky glitters!! Yayyy!!
7. Wait 5-6 minutes or more before applying topcoat. 
*Glitters, especially these kinds of chunky ones usually take more time to dry because it contains    more clear nail polish in it and more you apply it, more you have to wait till it dry. Also, sometimes it's hard to take these chunky glitters from the bottle and apply them evenly. If you're not used to paint these kinds of nail polishes, first apply a thin layer and build the glitters slowly

8. Apply top coat. If your top coat is light/sheer/thin, apply one more coat because these glitters tend to chip faster if you don't use thick, glossy, top coat.

So this is the finished look! :) Yayyy!! So festive!! I LOVE glitters on dark colors. It reminds me of colorful confetti on NYE!!! 

"Happy New Year at Times Square"

 By the way, since I didn't want to wear different design after taking photos for this tutorial, I went for "NYE Ball Drop" and I'm so ready for NYE!! 

 Products I used,

I really hope you enjoy these little tutorials!! And I'm sorry it ended up such a long blog post!

Thank you SO much for visiting my blog and reading this!! :)

If you try these design, I would love to see your creation so that would be great if you could post them on Instagram using #spiceupyourbeauty. Also my Instagram is mayumi1992 and that would be so lovely if you could follow me :)

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Much love,
Mayumi :) 

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