Review: Maybelline Color Ink (Color Tattoo)

Hello, everyone! I know a lot of people love Maybelline Color Tattoo line and I do, too. I know I'm so late on trend to do this review now but I love Color Tattoo line and they are FINALLY available in Japan. I think they came out a couple of weeks ago in Japan so I went out and got two colors from their collection.

It is called "Color Ink" in Japan which I less prefer, tbh. I think Color Tattoo sounds much nicer, but anyway… It was ¥1,050 JPN yen each at the drug store near me. I already own two colors which I bought in the States but I wanted to compare with the ones that came out in Japan. From my past experience, I found that foreign makeup brands tend to change their products' name, color, and even formulation when they sell their products in Japan and I always get annoyed by this because it's so bad if it doesn't work as it supposed to! Anyway,,,

So here are some photos!!

 My favorite color from the collection is Bad to the bronze/ Brown because it's very versatile and it's just so gorgeous! Just for the side note, I'm pretty sure it's called On and on bronze in the UK.

I got these two colors in Japan.
                                         This is in the color "Pink."
                                         This is in the color "Brown."

Here are the swatches. Left-right, Emerald, Pink, Brown, and Bad to the bronze. I got Emerald and Bad to the bronze in the States, and got Pink and Brown in Japan. I'm pretty sure that Brown is supposed to be the exact same color as Bad to the bronze in the collection in the US but as you can see from my swatches, I see a slight difference in colors and also in formulation. Bad to the bronze is more bronze (hence the name…) than Brown, and Brown is more like brown than bronze. I do not know if they made some change in colors but I personally prefer Bad to the bronze. Also, Brown and Pink are much softer and smoother compared to Emerald and Bad to the bronze in my opinion. I think my Bad to the bronze dried out a little bit since I've been using it for about a year now. I don't mind the difference but I just wanted to mention it!

I use Bad to the bronze almost every single day and I love it. It works well with any eyeshadows, it stays all day and I think it's waterproof! I like to use Emerald in the summer time as an eyeliner. I haven't tried Pink and Brown yet but I'm excited to try them!
 In different lighting.
Color tattoos have great quality considering they are from drugstore. I was disappointed by Japanese Maybelline because they do not have any matte shades in the collection. This may be an extra information to some of you guys but, not too long ago, MAC Japan discontinued all of their matte shades from their paint pots line and I was so sad because I wanted to get a couple of matte ones and I think they are essential! Anyway, I hope Maybelline Japan will have some matte shades in the future!  

I hope you enjoyed this little review! 

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