2013 Makeup Favorites

Hello, everyone!! How are you enjoying your 2014 so far? Mine is pretty good! 

Today, I am going to show you my makeup products that I LOVED in 2013. I have 22 products total and it sounds a lot but these are the top 22 products that I loved and used in spring, summer and winter in 2013. Also, these are the products that I used the most as you can see from the photo, I hit a lot of pans on them. I'm going to list all the name of these products and explain why I loved them :) 

*Little Alert, it's going to be very long.

Left to right: 
Hourglass Mineral Primer Oil Free SPF 15 
I especially enjoyed it during the warmer months because I have combination skin and my skin tends to get oily when it's hot and when I sweat, and this primer helped my skin stay matte and hold the foundation/BB cream/tinted moisturizer through out the day. And the best thing about this primer is that it's oil free. I hate using the primer that my skin break out easily but this one didn't. It IS a very pricey but I'm glad that I got it. I got mine at Sephora when I was in the States, and it sucks because I CANNOT get them where I live. I almost used this up and I have no idea how to survive this summer without this.

Jouer Matte Moisture Tint SPF 15 Oil Free
This product works so well if you have sensitive skin. I DO have sensitive skin but my skin has never broke out with Jouer products. This moisture tint applies very matte, but it does not make your skin look supper matte, it just makes your skin naturally beautiful. I enjoyed wearing it during the summer time because it is very light yet it has great coverage. Definitely worth trying. Unfortunately, again, I don't think it's available where I live, so I kind of stopped using it because I want to save it as much as I can till the summer!

YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat Illuminating Foundation Dimensional Radiance Weightless Perfection SPF 19
I wore crap out of this during the fall and winter in 2013. My skin tend to get dry after summer so this foundation was great to wear. First of all, the color is perfect. I'm in the color BD 40 in case you're wondering! This applies like a second layer of your skin. It doesn't give those "foundation monster" look that I sometimes find on girls. It gives a nice glow to your face but it does not make it too much. It comes out good on photos and it doesn't break me out even if I wear it for a long period of time. It does have a slight scent to it which I don't mind at all. This is probably the best foundation that I've ever used in my life :)

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation SPF 10
This is another one of my favorite foundations. I'd say this foundation is a drug store dupe for the YSL Le Teint Touch Éclat. It applies very similar, I think YSL one is ever so slightly thicker, but it feels very similar.  It has a fruity scent which I again, I don't mind :) It says that it'll give 16 hrs radiance-boosting, even, revived complexion. On my skin, this foundation tends to look even more natural and more beautiful after about 2 hours since I apply it. I usually set my foundation with powder so I think they set very well during that 2 hours I suppose! The only down side is that it costs way too much for the drug store foundation, at least where I live. It cost me about $22….. but I mean, I think it's definitely worth investing.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 001 Transparent
I always set my foundation with powder and this one is one of my favorites. It prevents my skin from getting oily throughout the day and it get slightly dewy as it set nicely with the foundation. It smells like grandma to me but I kinda like it! This was definitely my life saving products of 2013 and great quality for a drug store makeup. 

NARS Light Reflecting Setting powder Loose
Amazing. To be honest, it took me a while to buy this product and try it because it literally says "light reflecting powder" and I was like... I don't want it, I already have oily skin and I don't want the light to reflect it. But the girl at my NARS counter told me that it set the makeup really well and you don't even have to touch up throughout the day. And so I tried it on at the store and at the end of the day I checked the mirror and my makeup was just as same as when I saw it in the morning and it didn't look oily or anything. I was so impressed and now I can't live without it.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
I feel like this concealer is everyone's favorite since it came out early in the 2013. I LOVE this concealer. I'm in the color Vanilla but I also own Honey because sometimes I like to mix them to make a perfect color depending on my skin condition. The formula is not too thick and it's not too thin but it does have the coverage that I want. I also like to use it to highlight my cheekbone. When I don't want to wear makeup, I just put this concealer and I'm good to go :) I always love NARS but I just want to give a big hug to Mr. Francois for making this amazing concealer! 

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the bronze 
I feel like this is the only eyeshadow base that I was in my makeup bag the whole time last year. I love the color, I love how it stays on my eyelids and never smudge or anything all day. I did a blog post on these Maybelline Color Tattoo so please check it out if you want to see my full review on them :)! 

MAC Sable Eyeshadow 
As you can probably tell from the photo, this eyeshadow is well loved. This is probably my favorite eyeshadow from my entire eyeshadow collection. This color really enhance my brown eyes and I just love how it looks. Whenever I don't know what to wear or when I'm in rush, I just put Sable and it always ends up looking good so it's kinda like my little buddy in my makeup bag ;)

NARS Lola Lola Single Eyeshadow
This eyeshadow is very similar to Sable but has much more brownish red to it. It enhances my brown eyes and this one is good when I want a bit more dramatic look. It's also good for natural look since it's still a neutral color. I really enjoyed it during fall and winter.

Maybelline The Rocket Mascara (waterproof)
This mascara is amazing! My eyelashes are so tricky since they grow straight down and it's very hard to hold the curl all day. This mascara (waterproof) is very good at holding the curls and even though it's their volum' express, it's also good at lengthening in my opinion. It's unfortunate that Japanese Maybelline recently promoted this mascara but I'm pretty sure that they had changed the formulation. But this has been my absolute favorite and I hate using it because I don't want to use it up!!!

Maybelline The Falsies Flared (waterproof)
Before I started to use The Rocket, I was using this and I absolutely loved it. I completely used it up and I can't get them anymore but this is the best mascara that I've ever tried. It makes my lashes naturally long and adds some volume to it. It does not smudge throughout the day and it holds the curl all day! I miss this Mascara :( 

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen in 01Blackest Black
This is the only liquid black eyeliner that I used in 2013, to be honest. It applies very nicely and it's very precise and easy to do winged look. It doesn't smudge all day, too. If you like liquid eyeliner, I highly recommend this.

NARS Larger Than Life Long Wear Eyeliner in Via Veneto
Amazing amazing amazing eyeliner. I use this on my upper inner rims and it does NOT smudge at all. I also used it as a regular eyeliner when I didn't use liquid eyeliner. It's quite pricy but definitely worth buying. I also have them in different colors but they are just amazing as this one is. 

NARS Laguna Bronzer
This is my second Laguna because I love it so much that I used it up so quickly. It's such an easy bronzer because I don't have to think about if I put too much or anything. I can use it for contouring and for bronzing. And it's just a perfect color for my skin tone. It has slight shimmer to it but it's subtle and nice. It's not too orange or too brown. I know it shows up differently deepening on your skin tone but it works the best on me :) 

NARS Deep Throat Blush 
This is a very nice peachy pink color which is not too peachy. I like this over Orgasm blush because it has less gold shimmer and less dramatic for my every day use. It creates the most natural blushed look on my cheek and it stays very long time. I have a yellow undertone to my skin and so my skin do not appreciate too much blue toned pink nor reddish pink. This one is just perfect and works for almost every makeup look that I do.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats in 205 Prune Virgin
I saw Zoella, who is one of my favorite YouTuber and blogger, was wearing this and I fell in love with it. I LOVE red lipsticks and I'm always looking for new good reds. I like this because it's a very deep dark berry red yet so wearable. It's my favorite red lipstick for fall and winter. I feel like less people like or wear this kind of deep color on a daily basis but I do because red lipstick is one of my statement makeup items and I love it :) Also, can we just appreciate the most beautiful and luxurious gold packaging? It's…. breath taking. I'm not sure if it's limited edition but I got mine from Amazon and I highly suggest you get this if you can. Get it or regret it! ;) *This is my favorite makeup item in my whole makeup collection!!!

Okay! It's getting hot in here! 4 more to go! You can totally stop reading this because I wasn't expected to be this long! hahaha

MAC lipstick in Syrup
I was looking for something that is slightly darker than my Cream Cup lipstick and I found this one. It's a berry, slightly purple, mature pinkish rosy color I'd say. I started using this at the beginning of fall last year but I think this is just a perfect color for all year around. It's very moisturizing and smooth. 

Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Pearl in 576 Sari Pink
I wore this all the time during spring and summer last year. I adore this wearable peachy pink color! I got mine in the States but I don't think it's available here. It's such a perfect color and it's very smooth on my lips. It's beautiful on its own but I can also layer it with a lipstick. Just looking at this lipgloss makes me happy whenever I do. *I'm a weirdo!

OPI nail polish in We'll Always Have Paris
I own quite a lot of red nail polishes but this one is one of my favorite. I have to say that this is VERY similar and almost identical to OPI Mrs. O'leary's BBQ. I was surprised when I painted because it was very similar! If you are not nail polish crazy person, you can't probably tell the difference. Like, my mom and some of my friends were like "It's the same color! Why would you get that?!" and I had to explain to them how different they are. To be honest, and as a nail polish crazy, I don't see a huge difference between these two but I think We'll Always Have Paris has slightly cooler tone to it while Mrs. O'leary's BBQ has more warmer tone to it. Okay, I should probably stop here because my nail polish talk never ends. 

Last but certainly not least, 

Bourjois So Laque Glossy nailpolish in 06
This was my go-to nail polish during spring and summer. This is a perfect baby blue color. If you are someone who loves pastel color nail polishes, you'll love this. It's very glossy (hence the name) and it lasts very well without chipping! Highly recommend this.

So, THAT is everything and thank you SO much if you read this whole thing if you did and if you didn't, still thank you for visiting my blog :) I really hope you enjoyed my 2013 makeup favorites!!!!!

I might do my 2013 skincare favorites because I changed my skin care routine and my skin has been so good since then so I'd love to share my skin care favorites of 2013! So please let me know if you'd like to see it in the comment :)!! 
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