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Hi, everyone! So a couple of days ago, I went to shopping to pick up some stuff. I was on a mission to get a stock of NARS creamy concealer because mine is almost gone. Also, I really wanted to go to the Body Shop to get their limited edition body butter since they were on sale at the body shop near me, and I haven't really checked out their stuff for more than a year so I was kind of curious about what they have.

*Before I start my tiny little haul, I just wanted to say for the disclaimer (which I don't believe I have) that they all are purchased by myself with my own money and it's also not sponsored or anything :)

First, I went to the Body Shop and got their limited edition Raspberry body butter. It smells SO good guys. It literally smells like raspberry and to me, it also smells a hint of honey which I like. When I put it on, I can feel that my skin is well moisturized yet not greasy or anything. I usually put them after I take a shower but since this one smells so good, I sometimes use them in the morning. And then I also got one of their shimmer cubes and I god one in the color 06. It's got a nice plummy color which I LOVE, a bronzy one, a dark chocolate color, and a subtle shimmery pink. I just think this is very useful  and I love all the colors in this cube. I've never tried their makeup but I'm excited to try them. Actually, I got one more thing from the Body Shop but I didn't include it to this haul. So I guess I'll explain why. I got their new lip butter in strawberry and I LOVED the scent. It smells just like strawberry and I thought/hoped it would work great on my lips. However, I tried it over a night and it broke out my lips. My lips are super sensitive and I'm very picky about lip products so I was very disappointed but it smells very nice so if you don't have any issues with your lips, go for it! :)

Then I went to Clinique mainly because I wanted to see their Chubby Stick shadow tint for eyes. I just got one which really attracted me. Of course, the purple. *In case you don't know, one of my favorite colors is purple. So I got one in the color 09 lavish lilac. It's a taupy purply slightly silvery color and it looks amazing. I tried it one time and I liked it but I'm not sure if I love it yet. I'll keep you guys updated.

I also got their bottom lash mascara in black. I saw missglamorazzi and essiebutton on YouTube talked about it and so I really wanted to try it. I tried it a couple of times and I freaking love it. It's magic how it does my eyelashes. Try it.

And then I went to Bobbi Brown because Ingrid and Estée mentioned their Apricot blush and they really made me want to try it so it's not my fault it's their fault that I got this!! I don't usually go for this kind of bright slightly red pink because I have olive/yellow undertone to my skin and these pinks usually don't look good on my skin. BUT, I love this one! I swatched it at the store and I really like it but wasn't really sure if I would wear it but I got it. I tried it twice and I adore it. I never thought I would love this color but I did! Also, this is my first time trying out Bobbi Brown blush but they're amazing. I want to try out more colors now!

 And last but certainly not least, I went to NARS counter. Like I said, I needed to get a new creamy concealer so I got that one. And I was looking at their duo eyeshadow and somehow this little guy caught my eyes. It's called Earth Angel. It has this taupy slightly plummy light brown on the left and a very beautiful dusty bambooish green which has slight gold in it on the right. I've never seen this duo and I never thought I would get this but I just fell in love with it. I think this duo is great for a night out look or just for a day time look. I found that this green color looks amazing on my bottom lash line as an accent color. Also, if you have hazel eyes or blue eyes, this will look good on you! (I got it even though I have brown eyes…) Highly recommend.

And lastly, I got their limited edition nail polish in the color Union Libre from their Guy Bourdin collection. This pink caught mah eyes guys. She was just so beautiful and I couldn't help getting it. I wasn't planing on getting any nail polishes but this pink! Don't blame me. If you'd like to see how it looks on nails, go to my Instagram mayumi1992 where I post most of my nail polish photos :]

So that concludes my little haul and I hope you enjoy it and find it somewhat helpful :) 

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Thank you so much for reading. xoxo

Much love,

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