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Hi, everyone! So I have decided to post my face of the day between my main posts and this is my very first attempt!! I hope this face of the day series would be something helpful for you in some way :)


On a daily basis, I wear natural makeup but I'm hesitant to use the word "natural" makeup because everyone has different standard on natural makeup. I like to use more neutral colors on a daily basis. I'm a eyeshadow freak and I love to try out a lot of eyeshadows. So I switch my favorites quite a lot. 

For today's makeup, I used Bad To The Bronze from Maybelline as a base, and over the 
top, I used the shimmery pink color from the shimmer cubes on the inner half of my eyes. Then I used Toasted from the NAKED palette on the other half of my eyes /on my crease area and added a bit of Busted, also from the NAKED palette. And then, I used Mary-Lou manizer from the Balm which is my favorite of all time. Simple, quick but still get the nice look with these products and it'll look like you put so much effort on it ;) 
I used not one but two blusher today. First I used Dame from MAC and then added a little bit of Apricot from Bobbi Brown. Using two different blushers makes a huge difference. It creates the illusion of depth on to your face and gives a nice glow. 

I hope you enjoyed my very first face of the day series and I'll see you next time ;) <3
Please let me know in the comment what you think about this makeup look!! 

Thank you so much for reading!!

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