January Favorites 2014 ♡ 

Hi, everyone! So January is over and it's time to hello February! January was fast yet I enjoyed almost every single moment. I feel like I had more time to spend time with my close friends this month. Also, one of my goals was to be more committed to my blog and I think I did okay. Even though my blog is new and have smaller community, I'm very happy and excited to have some nice followers and some new blogging friends.

Anyway, I'm going to show you some products that I LOVED this month. Before I begin, I just want to say thank you to everyone who read my blog and follow my blog. I'm going to post more for you so stay tuned and keep your eyes on my blog ;)

I actually got my Embryolisse Rose Water/Toner for free when I purchased their cream. Lucky me!! I love this toner. It's very refreshing when I spray it. I use it every morning and night and sometimes I use it during the day when my skin gets irritated or needed to refresh my skin. 

I also LOVE the Lait-Créme Concentré. This is my second tube, actually. I started using it about last November when I switched my skin care routine from my summer skin care routine. This is probably the best moisturizer that I've ever tried. I use it every morning and night after I use my rose mist toner. This moisturizer is amazing because it's not greasy or heavy on my skin yet it gets the job done. I sometimes don't use the primer before I put my makeup on because I this moisturizer is nice enough to create a nice canvas on my skin. 

Aveda light elements treatment oil is AMAZING. I have never experience this amazingness when it comes to hair treatment oil. It's not greasy nor sticky on my hair. It's very light but it's very moisturizing and give my hair back to life. Since I did ombre my hair, it's important for me to take good care of my hair. I usually apply them after I towel dry my hair when my hair is half wet but I sometimes use it in the morning if needed. I cannot say enough good things about this product. I recommend this hair treatment oil to all of my friends out there. If your hair looks a bit dried, and is lack of shine, and healthiness, GET THIS NOW. It should be on the top of your shopping list, okay girls? ;) Just for the side note, it smells nice. 

Raspberry Body Butter from the Body Shop. Oh my god. It smells amazing. To me, it smells like the combination of raspberry and some honey. It's so lovely. I put them before I go to bed and I smells so good!! It's very creamy and smooth and not heavy on my skin which I like. Highly recommend.

Dior créme de rose lip balm. As you can probably tell, this lip balm is well loved. I completely used this up. I'm VERY picky when it comes to lip balm because most of the lip balms in the marked do NOT work on my lips. I have super sensitive lips and sometime products that say "organic" or "natural" do not even work on my lips. I have tried so many lip balm in the past to find the one that works on my lips because obviously I cannot have dried lips! This lip balm was approved and it works amazing on my lips. It smells very nice, it's very moisturizing and it doesn't break out my lips which is awesome. However, Dior Japan discontinued this lip balm a couple of months ago and it's not available in Japan anymore. I do not understand why they did because it's such an amazing product and I NEED THEM! So I tried to get it online but "due to the shipping condition" it's not available anyway. 

And that is why I had to find a new lip balm which is …..

Smith's Mocha Rose lip balm. I have tried their strawberry lip balm so I knew that this won't break out my lips. It smells just like chocolate and whenever I open the tin and use it, everyone around me notice this. It has a slight tint to it but not really noticeable. If you have pale lips, I highly recommend this because it gives your lips a nice rosy tint :) 

Foundation brush from Shiseido. Oh boy, I think I found a perfect foundation brush. I found this at the drugstore and I wasn't really sure if I'm gonna like it but I only own one brush to apply my liquid foundation which is my Real Technique expert brush. And I needed another one while I wash my Real Technique one so I decided to give it a try. This brush is EVEN BETTER than the Real Technique expert brush!! I know everybody loves the Real Technique expert brush but I have to say that this brush is much better. It applies very nice and since it's quite small, it's easy to apply on a delicate area such as around your eye area. It does not leave any brushy finish at all. It looks like you used your hands or airbrushed to apply your foundation. It's perfect. I don't know if you can get this outside of Japan but if you can get your hands on it, I highly recommend this brush.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation. I included this in my 2013 favorite so I'm not going to do the whole review here but I'll just say that this foundation is miracle. If you want to know more about this foundation, please read my 2013 favorites post :) (2013 Makeup Favorites)

NYX lipgloss in Beige (which is not really "beige"). I saw missglamorazzi mentioned this in her videos and it looked really good so I decided to try. I like NYX lip glosses because it's very creamy, glossy and it smells yummy. It's like a blue toned pink but it also kinda looks like a strawberry milk color. It looks good on almost any kind of makeup so I found it very easy and useful.

Clinique bottom lash mascara. It does not smudge at all, it does separate my lashes very nicely, and it lengthen my lashes. It's amazing. The best thing about this mascara, of course, is its tiny little brush. When you look at it, you'll probably think, "Does this tiny little baby do my lashes?" Trust me, it does. It's small but it gets the job done.

Maybelline the Rocket Mascara (waterproof). It's the best mascara. The best part is that it holds the curl all day. My lashes are so tricky because it grows straight down but this really works amazing. I also did a review on this on my 2013 Makeup Favorites post so please go check it out if you're interested ;)!! Also, I mentioned on that review that Japanese Maybelline reformulated this mascara and I didn't like the Japanese ones. I'm not a hundred percent sure about it but I think they did. So very luckily, I found the original formula ones at Costco near me and now I can used them again since I ran out of my last one. If you live in Japan and want to try the original formula, go to Costco!! 

Last but not least, the Sache Vite topcoat. THE best. It's so good!! It gives that gel nail finish. It dries VERY fast and it's so glossy. The only down side is that it kind of shrinks the nail polish sometimes. But if you apply it carefully it's not a big deal, really. I'm a nail polish crazy and I don't know what to do without this topcoat. It's just awesome. If you live in Japan, go get them on Amazon because it's much cheaper than getting them at a store.

So that is everything and I really hope you all enjoyed my January Favorites!! If you have a blog and did January Favorites, please leave the link to it because I'd love to read yours <3 

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Thank you so much for taking your time to read my blog and I'll see you next time :)!!

Much love,

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