Indian Food Obsession

Hi, everyone! I hope you all have an amazing day wherever you are :) Today, I'm going to share my food obsession.

Food is very important. It is how we are and how we will be. I love eating yummy food with my favorite people. You know when you are with your friends or your family having lunch or dinner and you forget 3 hours have passed already, talking and eating! I think food has some kind of power to make people happy.

ANYWAY, I can go on and on about food but I'll just jump into one of my favorite dishes, INDIAN FOOD.

The other day, I went to my favorite Indian restaurant with my mom. We go there all the time that I think people there recognize us which is kinda embarrassing. The restaurant is called Asiyana. Their food is so amazing. My favorite is their chicken curry with cashew. They also have vegetarian curries which is also very nice. 

All the food are very tasty and honestly I'm obsessed with them. When I was in the States last year, there was one Indian restaurant in our tiny little downtown and I went there often whenever I missed Indian food. The place that I used to go in the States also had many selection of curry. It's called India's House. If you live in this area, I highly recommend this restaurant :) There are not many Indian restaurants in Japan and in the States but I can tell that it's getting more popular. 

Indian food, in my opinion, is very healthy. Usually, there are lots of spices in the curry and also lots of vegetables. Spices are good for our digestion system and warm up our body. Also, roti, which is like a bread to eat with curry, is very healthy and tasty because they are made of whole wheat flour. It's definitely healthier than the traditional naan. BUT I also LOVE naan. This Indian restaurant has so many different kinds of naan, including sesame naan which is my personal favorite. *omg just talking about it makes me want to eat them now! lol

And this chicken! Oh My God. It's their kalmi kebab and they are SO good!! They're cooked with cashew sauce (I think) and it comes with veggies. 

Do you see there's a flag on the ceiling? How cool is that!!

Do you like Indian food? If you do, what is your favorite curry? Let me know in the comment :)

I hope you enjoyed my little food obsession post and I'll see you next time ;)

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