Valentine's Day Gift Ideas!!

Hi everyone :) So Valentine's Day is almost there, I've decided to do a Valentine's Day Gift Ideas. If you are looking for a nice little present for your girlfriend, for your girl friends, or if you're looking for something for yourself to treat yourself, here is my gift idea for you. If you are a guy and has NO idea what to get for your girlfriend, I hope you'll find something from here :) If you're single ladies (like me), let's just ignore the world, go out and buy yourself a nice little treats for this upcoming V's Day ;)

I just want to mention for the disclaimer that I did NOT buy any makeup products just for this blog post. I just picked up my favorite items from my collection.

Also, I just want to say that, yes, Valentine's Day is like,,, tomorrow. But if you haven't found something nice yet, I hope this helps ;)

When it comes to giving presents to someone, I always try to pick up something that I would be happy to receive as a gift, yet I consider the taste and preference of the person that I'm giving presents to. Gift is kind of tricky to me, especially when I'm giving present to a person who I'm not so close to. HOWEVER, ladies and gentlemen, this is for Valentine's Day which means you ARE giving presents to the person that you love. You are kind of supposed to know what they like. HOWEVER, to me, I can imagine that it' might be tricky to find presents for different gender even though I never give presents to guys….. 

I mean, I'm sure I'd be happy to receive anything from the one I love, but from a girl's perspective, I would be amazed if a guy gives me like… perfume or makeup, because I'd love to wear the perfume that he likes! you know? Also, if a guy picks up some makeup, he gets my point. 

Dior Rosy Glow blush is a good one because this blush changes its color on the skin deepening on the person's skin tone/ body temperature, so no need to pick a color! Along with the blush, Hakuhodo retractable brush is also nice it's not overly expensive and it's pretty in pink. Also, your girl can keep it in her purse all the time for the touch up so this will be well loved for sure. 

Candles, oh candles. This is like…. you can't mess up with candles. I love candles. My friends love candles. Everyone loves candles. This one on the picture is the one that I got from a furniture store the other day on sale and it's a soy wax candle. It smells amazing and the container is so pretty!!! It looks like it's from '60s. I also think Jo Malone candles would be awesome. They ARE expensive but I guarantee that they worth. Just pick a nice little one and candles will take care of it all for you.    ;)

Nail polishes. This might be hit or miss since not all girls love to paint their nails. But if you know that your girlfriend loves nail polishes, then she'll love it. I personally love nail polishes so I would love that.  Also for single ladies out there, this NARS one is aMazing as well as the Zoya one. Go check out my Instagram if you're interested in how they look on nails :) >>> mayumi1992

Last but not least, chocolate. This, you can't go wrong with it. I love chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate, right?! You can also bake something if you're having a party with the girls. I used to bake for Valentine's Day when I was in high school and we had a nice little Valentine's Day party at school with my friends. 

Just so you know, I just ate this chocolate with my mom and it was freaking amazing. I'm pretty sure that heaven would taste like this. This is a champagne flavored chocolate. If you live in New York, you should try this!!!

Also, a piece of jewelry would be great as a gift. As Carrie in Sex and the City experienced, guys, do not buy a TV or anything technical unless you know that your girlfriend or your friends love those things. A piece of jewelry is nice because we can wear it and we can have it forever <3 Also, whenever we see it, it reminds us of the person who gave it to us. How lovely is that <3

So I said blah blah blah about my gift ideas but to be honest, I'm sure all girls would be so happy and would appreciate anything that she'll receive from her love :) Also, just keep in mind that presents do NOT have to be expensive or luxurious. I mean it's nice, but present is all about how you present it. Basically you can give anything. For an extreme example, you can give a pencil. It's how you present your pencil. I would put it in a nice little box and wrap it with some pretty paper with some ribbon. Then I'd write some message and give it with some flowers. Voila! See? It's all about how you make things special to the person that you're giving presents to. 

I hope you all have an amazing Valentine's Day whether you're with your love or you're single. If you're single, like I said previously, just treat yourself with the best and treasure yourself :) 

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Please let me know in the comment what you like to give as a gift and leave me a link to your blog if you have a blog and did Valentine's Day related post!

Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you next time :) 
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