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Hi, everyone!! I hope you all are having an amazing day :) !
Today, I'm going to talk about hair.

Hair is something that is very important for girls, and guys. To me, I love my hair style and I always take good care of it. When you look somebody or meet someone new, it might be the first or the second thing you may look at or notice about them. I feel like hair is one of the things that you can show people how you present yourself. You may have a super long hair, a short hair, or you may have green hair. You can be classic and you can be unique with your hair style. I like how hair let us be creative. You can express yourself with your hair.


I always have long hair and that's so me. I mean I never liked short hair and I always prefer to have longer hair. I think it was last August when I decided to ombre my hair. It might be a too much information to some of you guys but I studied abroad in the States for a year and I didn't really do anything on my hair during that time, and my hair was very very long. So when I came back, I really wanted/needed to do something to my hair. I was always interested in ombre hair for a long time since it looked very gorgeous and unique but never really had courage to do it because I had never dyed my hair and was very skeptical about dying my hair, to be more specific, to bleach my hair!!

Anyway, long story short, I made my mind to just get it done.
I did NOT do it by myself since I had zero knowledge and experience of dying my hair. I went to a hair salon instead. I talked to my hair stylist how I wanted my ombre. I didn't dye all of my hair. I dyed about a half of my hair to make it ombre. My first stylist did not do well. He didn't even ombre my hair. He just kind of dyed it to lighter brown and so it looked horrible….. So I went to a different one and he did a great job. Unless you have dyed your hair or if you know how to do it, I highly suggest you go to a hair salon because there are less chance you mess up your hair, really.

I was also inspired by Zoella and she made me want to have ombre hair. I'm sure most of you know her but if you don't know already, you should definitely check her out because she's amazing. <3

And if you follow me on Instagram, you'll probably know that I don't have my ombre hair anymore. I didn't really want to but I had my haircut the other day to change it up a little bit. So even though I don't have my ombre hair anymore, I wanted to do this blog post because I loved my ombre hair :)

So it's basically like #tbt blog post if you know what I mean :P

Now I'm going to tell you a little tips of how I maintain my hair. If you bleach your hair or dye your hair, of course, your hair get very damaged and so you have to do extra work to keep them nice and beautiful. What I do is very simple and easy. I wash my hair, use a very moisturizing conditioner and after I towel dry my hair, I use hair treatment oil to moisturize. It really helps your hair to keep moisturized and also make them look more alive and naturally shinny. You can blow dry your hair but I prefer to air dry because I have fine hair and if I blow dry, they go crazy. It costs a bit more expensive but I invest in good hair treatment oil because it would make a huge difference.

I have seen some people who bleached or dyed their hair and their hair just look so dead. I think it's very important that you understand the risk of damaging your hair when you do, and make sure you can take good care of it if you don't want your hair to look very dried and dead…..

Here are some products that I LOVE to treat my hair and hope it helps!
Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid 
Olive oil special (My original recipe!) Let me know in the comment if you're interested in my original hair care oil recipe ;)!
Luxurious Rosehip Oil from KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr
Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque

So that is it, and I really hope you enjoyed it and please let me know what you think :) I absolutely miss my long ombre hair. Now I have short hair and everyday I realise that I don't enjoy it that much…. So my hair, please grow faster! haha

Also, if you have ombre hair, please leave a link to your blog or your instagram so that I can see yours!

Thank you so much for reading, and I'll see you next time.

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