My Top 10 Spring & Summer Nail Polishes 2014

Hello, everyone :) How are you doing? I hope you're having a fantastic day wherever you are, whatever you're doing. Today, I'm going to show you my top 10 favorite nail polishes for spring and summer even though spring is almost gone. In case you didn't know, I love my nail polishes to the point I feel socially awkward when I have nothing on my nails. 

I think nail polished make me happier and I love seeing all those lovely colors in the bottles. Aren't they just so cute?! 

In the spring and summer time, I like to wear bright colors, pastel colors, and neon colors, while in the fall and winter time, I wear more darker colors.

Before I start, please let me tell you one thing. It was a TORTURE, to pick only 10 nail polishes. Torture. I love so many colors and I was almost panicked when I had to do with 10, honestly. My point is, there are more colors I'd love to share with you but I narrowed it down to ten so that you don't have to take 10 hours reading my blog. :P haha And I think I did well picking my top 10 :)

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy my top 10 nail polishes <3!

*From left to right (from top line to bottom) Also, they are not in particular order I just separated in colors (pinks and blues).
  1. Too Hot Pink To Hold 'em by OPI : It's definitely a sheer formula but the pigmentation is awesome! Beautiful bright, slightly neon pink color perfect for spring and summer!! (I'm wearing this nail polish in these photos.
  2. Union Libre by NARS : Cool toned gummy pink. This is probably my favorite nail polish from my spring and summer nail polish collection. Honestly, this pink makes me happy whenever I look at it :)
  3. Madison Ave-hue by Essie : Blue toned with some subtle shimmer. I never go for this kind of blue toned pink but I somehow got it at CVS and never liked it until I actually wore it. "Don't judge the nail polish by its bottle." That's all I can say. Love this polish.
  4. Orange Fizz (in number 307) by Chanel : Beautiful coral color. I love love love this color so much. It appears a bit more bright orange than coral when I actually apply it on my nails. I just love these kinds of coral orange color. Great alternative is Tart Deco by Essie I would say :)
  5. Cute as a button by Essie :Bright neon pink color. Oh god. This nail polish looks so pretty on my nails! I can't even explain how amazing it is. It's definitely my go-to summer nail polish. The formula is also great.
  6. In the cab-ana by Essie : This is like a true light blue color I would say. Similar to Tiffany blue but it's not as green (minty) as Tiffany blue. It looks so bright and fresh on nails. If you're scared of wearing blues, don't be! Because it's amazing <3 
  7. Adora-blue (in number 06) by Bourjois : This is my favorite blue nail polish that I own. It's a cool toned blue and very bright. It really compliments my skin tone I think. It's different from In the cab-ana by Essie in a way that this doesn't have any single green tone to it. 
  8. Wednesday by ZOYA : Creamy greenish Tiffany blue color. First of all, the name of this nail polish is absolutely PERFECT. I don't know why but this color definitely reminds me of Wednesday. Formula is great,very pigmented. One great thing about ZOYA polish is that they are more healthier on nails than other nail polishes. They say that their nail polishes doesn't contain harmful ingredients.
  9. First Timer by Essie: Bright (slightly creamy) green. This color is amazing. If you haven't tried, go get it now. Whenever I wear it, I get compliments from people. I've never seen the color like this from other nail varnish brands. Essie owns it! <3 
  10. You're such a budapest by OPI : When I saw this nail polish at Ulta, I literally ran for it. I HAD TO GET IT. Purple is one of my favorite colors and especially this kind of lilac purple always catches my eyes. The only thing I noticed is that I have to apply 3 coats to get this true color I see in a bottle. You can definitely go with 2 coats but I prefer 3 coats for this beautiful lilac color. And I don't mind doing that :) haha #nailpolishcrazy
Lastly, I am sorry but please let me include this beautiful one which couldn't make it to my Top 10. (I wanted to!) This is A Grape Fit! by OPI. This is like a rich purple color which somehow reminds me of tulips. It is so pretty on nails. If you're a purple lover like I am, you should check this out!

Wearing Too Hot Pink to Hold'em by OPI :)
Also, this is my "Girl, go get your nail polish ready for spring and summer!" face :) haha 

So that is everything! I really hope you enjoyed my top 10 spring & summer nail polishes!! <3 
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Please let me know which one you liked from my top 10 <3 and if you have your favorite spring and summer nail polishes, let me know in the comment!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I love you always, and I'll see you next time.

Much love,
Ah, my love <3

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