April Favorites 2014 ♡

Oi! Tudo bem? Hello, everyone! Happy May!! So basically, April literally flew by and I have no idea why it's already May. But it's May, which only means it's my birthday! It's my birthday month so I'll live like a queen this month. Be ready for that. <3 

Anyway, today I'm going to share my April favorites with you all :) I apologize in advance that for some reason, I have more high-end products this month. I just included the products that I've been truly loving and this just happened.


NIVEA SUN Protect Plus UV skin UV cream SPF 50+ PA++++ has been doing a great job. Since it's getting warmer and the sun is getting stronger, I decided to protect my skin from damaging. First of all, SPF 50+ PA++++ sounds so amazing, doesn't it? I've been using this as a primer before I put my foundation on. It's not greasy nor sticky on my skin. It's not super light but it's not heavy. Great product. Unfortunately, I don't know if this is available outside Japan. Please let me know if you have it in your country!

MAC single eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown: It's a very nice soft ashy matte brown color. I use it for my eyebrows and on my crease. It's such a multi use eyeshadow, in my opinion. It's easy to blend, easy to layer on, and not chalky at all. 

MAC single eyeshadow in Nylon: I saw Miss Tanya Burr was using this in her videos and thought it was cool so I got it and I love it. It's so pretty on inner corner of your eyes as well as on very higher part of the eyebrow bones. I also thing that this is great for summer.

MAC eyeshadow in Woodwinked: I've been using this on my lower lash line to glam it out my eyes. I think it's perfect for summery look. Very silky browny gold color. It looks so gorgeous on bottom lash line. Highly recommend :)

NARS Laguna bronzer: Obviously, if you're makeup lover (or not), you know that this is a well known great bronzer. However, it also works great as an eyeshadow. I've been using this as a crease color to create a bronzed look. I've been obsessed with bronze makeup recently so it's perfect for that. It blends nicely and looks so good on crease. 

Coconut Oil: I've been OBSESSED with coconut oil. Now, I'm sorry for those of you who don't like coconut oil, or who are allergic to them. However, it's such a multi use oil. You can use it for cooking, for moisturizer, and for makeup remover!! I literally use it for everything. Olive oil is another one of my favorite oil but coconut oil is lighter and much more absorbable on skin. My favorite way to use it right now is to apply is as a moisturizer after bath. I have a very very sensitive skin and sometimes, medicine doesn't even work. But it's really gentle and natural so my skin has been loving it. Also, it's such a calming scent to go to sleep. Also, I recently found that this works so so well as a makeup remover. Trust me, your eyeshadow, foundation, and your mascara will be smoothly gone with this oil. And it's moisturizing. Win-win. That's all I can say.

MAC lipstick in Morange: Orange lips are definitely ON TREND. I mean I think so. I wear red lipstick all the time but in the spring and summer time, I think I like orange better. I think it looks so unique and fresh. This is a great lipstick because it last a long time, and the pigmentation is awesome. Perfect dupe (alternative) is Infrared by Top Shop. It's almost the EXACT same color. Don't afraid to wear bright on your lips. Go for it. 

Semisumo hair wax from Bumble and Bumble: I'm not going to explain why in detail because I already talked about this product in the past so please check out my older post >> February Favorites 2014 ♡ But basically, after I had my hair cut, I found that my hair is so hard to just sit in place and definitely needed some wax. So I've been mixing this and the oil (which I'm going to talk about next) and apply it on my hair and it perfectly hold my hair nicely and also treat my hair. 

Aveda light elements treatment oil: I already talked about this product also but it's basically amazing. It moisturize, protect, and revitalize your hair yet not make your hair greasy. >>January Favorites 2014 ♡

Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution: It's important to protect your skin and take care of it BEFORE it gets damaged in the summer time. I have some dark spots, discoloration, and acne scars on my skin. If they get damaged from the UV, they get darker and darker. Even before the summer comes, I've decided to use it long term. It's been working amazingly. It's not something you notice a difference in a day or something but if you see it in a long term, you'll be able to see the difference. Well, I hope so.

L'oreal Elnett Hair Spray: This is so so great. It holds my hair very nicely all day long, yet it's not harsh and doesn't make my hair super hard. You may or may not like the scent but I personally don't mind. The mist/spray is very fine and easy to apply evenly. 

That is every thing for my April Favorites and I really hope you enjoyed it and found it somewhat helpful :) Please let me know YOUR favorites in April in the comment below <3

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Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I love you always, and I'll see you next time.

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