DIOR Transat Collection Summer 2014

Hi, beautiful people :) Today, I'm going to show you two lovely products from DIOR Transat Edition (Collection). I don't usually dive into DIOR products because they are quite pricy but I was all over it when I see their Transat Collection. I hope you'll enjoy my little review <3

The first item is this beautiful little single eyeshadow in the color Pavillon. First of all, LOOK at that gorgeous detailing or it. I think it's very summery and pretty. It's a very beautiful peachy shimmery color with some warm gold in it. It applies very smooth and it's pigmented. I like to apply it with some eyeshadow base. For example, I like to use Rubenesque from MAC which is actually very similar to this eyeshadow, and also the one from Shu Uemura. Any peach golden eyeshadow base will enhance this eyeshadow very nicely. The only thing is as I use this a lot, the detailing is disappearing and which makes me a bit sad, yet the product itself is still amazing. I don't really use the little applicators.

The second item is this super gorgeous highlighter. I mean, how can I ignore this product at the DIOR counter. It was literally shining bright like diamonds. It's a very beautiful highlighter which is perfect for the summer time. It's more on the gold side and also has slight bronziness as well as a tiny tiny bit of peachy undertone to it, which makes it more wearable and gorgeous on skin. It's very smooth and not chalky at all. I like to use Real Technique brush to apply it on to my cheekbones as well as on my eyebrow bones. It gives a glorious glow without making your face like a disco ball. This is probably my favorite highlighter that I have ever owned and I may like this more than my Mary-Lou manizer which is my all time favorite. I highly suggest you get this if you can still get your hands on this.

So that is it for my little review from the Dior Transat Collection and I really hope you enjoyed it :)

Thank you so much for reading, and I'll see you next time. 

I love you always <3 xx

Much love,

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