Little Lush Haul

Hello, beautiful people! How are you all doing? Today, I would like to do a super little LUSH haul because I restocked some of my all time favorite lushies and so I thought, why not share them with you :)

To be honest, LUSH was not my favorite brand before but I started to read more reviews and tried to learn more about their products, and I started to like them and now I love them!

The first item I got was I LOVE JUICY shampoo. I was using another shampoo for a little while but my skin (mostly my back, arms, and decolte area) started to break out really bad so I've decided to go back to my all time favorite shampoo (in the largest size!). After I went back to this shampoo, my breakouts have definitely got better. Talking about this shampoo, it  has very fresh fruity scent  and  it really cleans your hair and sculp without making your hair and sculp dry. It is for all hair type I would say. Highly recommend.

Next item is Aqua Mirabilis. It's their massage bar / body butter and it moisturize your skin and get rid of dead cell skin because it has almond shells in it. It smells SO amazing. I cannot explain how amazing it is. It's like this nice sweet chocolatey scent but not too sweet. After I use this body butter, my skin is so smooth and smells so nice. Such a lovely product <3

The last item is Sultana of Soap. First of all, it smells so lovely that I almost eat them. It lathers up well, and very soft. It is also moisturizing and it is very realizing. This is actually my first time trying this soap but I'm in love already. If you are in a hunt for a new soap, definitely go check this out at your LUSH :)

So that was very short and quick haul but I really hope you enjoyed it! If you know any LUSH products that you LOVE, please let me know in the comment because I'm always looking for something new and something lovely. 

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Much love,
Mayumi :) 

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