Something Japan | A Little Trip to Kyoto 2014

Hello, beautiful people! Today, I'm not gonna talk about nail polishes, chocolates, nor makeup. I am going to share some of the photos that I took when I took a short trip to Kyoto to see my aunt the other day. It was a rainy day but it wasn't that bad to have a bit of rain in Kyoto. I had never visited this part of Kyoto so it was a lot of fun. If you haven't come to Japan and are wondering what's the point of going to this one tiny Asian island, I hope this blog post somehow give you the idea of how it's like! It's just one part of Japan but Kyoto is one of my favorite places to visit so I really hope you enjoy it :)

First, we explored the area called Uji (宇治) and enjoyed the beautiful view. It's not crowded with humans like it is in Osaka or in Tokyo and I really like its atmosphere. Many tourists like to visit bigger cities like Tokyo but I would say Kyoto is a "must-visit" place for tourists because it really is like the old Japan and you can feel the historical atmosphere and enjoy the "real" traditional Japanese culture. 

Then I got hungry. Real hungry. So we went to my aunt's favorite japanese restaurant. It is called Tatsumiya. It is a very very traditional japanese restaurant. They serve japanese authentic dishes and you can experience Kyoto's local food. If you are interested in very traditional Kyoto dishes, this is a great place. Whether you're gonna like Japanese food or not, I highly suggest this place, especially if you love Japanese food! I enjoyed it so much. Yum yum yum :)

Our final destination was Byodoin (平等院)which is also located in Uji area. It is a very beautiful, calm, and super Japanese place. The color of the temple is very vibrant and beautiful. If you go inside the temple, you can see the HUGE statue of Budda which was actually really cool even though I wasn't really interested in them. *We weren't allowed to take photos inside. :/ 

Sometimes, I got really tired of crowded place loud humans in the cities and it's really nice to visit place like this and relax. Japan is very interesting to explore with all those fast cultures and fast life but I think I prefer a bit more slower life and chilled out style sometimes, and Kyoto is a great place to let me chill out. 

That is all for my little Kyoto trip blog and I really hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions about Japan, leave them in the comment and I'll do my best to answer them :)

If you are from another country, what is your favorite thing about your country? Please let me know <3

Thank you so much for reading, and I'll see you next time.

Much love,
Mayumi :) xx

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