Top 5 Highlighters

Hello, beautiful people! Today, I am going to share my top 5 favorite highlighters of all time. I love putting some highlighter on my eyebrow bones and on my cheekbones to give a nice glow on my face. Highlighters are tricky sometimes, because if you overdo it, you'll end up looking like a disco ball, which no one wants. I feel incomplete without my highlighter routine when I do my makeup. But anyway, here are my Top 5 highlighters and I hope you enjoy it. I'm going to do a quick little review for each product and I hope you'll find it helpful in someway :)

It's not in particular order but I'll pick my favorite one at the end so stay tuned ;)

♡Rice Paper from MAC is a really good one. It's like a very nice natural pearl highlight with warm yellow undertone to it. It is very wearable and subtle, especially if you have yellow or olive undertone. It's not too shiny or glowy so it's easy to incorporate with your everyday makeup. Also, it's compact than any other highlighter I have so that's always good when I'm traveling or when I have to carry my makeup bag.

♡Transat Powder by DIOR NUDE TAN is my new favorite since May. It's a very gorgeous highlighter. It gives THE most gorgeous and beautiful glow on cheekbones. It is more on the worm gold side than a cool toned highlight. It also has slight peachy undertone so it looks very nice on my skin (yellow/olive undertone). But I'm sure it'll look fabulous on any skin tone. I love to use it on my cheekbones as well as my eyebrow bones, and sometimes on inner corners of my eyes. It's so lovely to glam it out with this highlighter. I'd say that this is a perfect highlighter especially for the summer time because it has a bit of bronzy glow to it. Also, it'll look so good on tanned skin! I'm in love. If you'd like to see more, I did a blog post about it :) >>> DIOR Transat Collection

♡NARS Blush Duo in Hungry Heart is my favorite since forever. It comes with two shades. One is more yellow/gold and the other is soft pink. It's totally different from other highlighters. It's more like a subtle glitter powder rather than glowy highlighter. When it comes to this highlighter, it's not about "glow" but about "subtle sparkles." I like to apply it after I do my blush, along my cheekbones, and it gives the most beautiful subtle sparkles on my face. I like how it's not too much but it's something.

♡Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm is a very beautiful one. I love it so much. It is light yellow to slightly peachy color and very wearable. It's very creamy and silky that it glides on my skin so well. It's such a charming highlighter! I use it on my cheekbones, eyebrow bones, and on the inner corner of my eyes. When I'm going for a super simple makeup look, I use it before I do contour and bronzer, slightly bring it down under the cheekbones, and then gently blend it with the bronzer, and it gives THE most beautiful natural glow on your face. TMI, but I once dropped it accidentally and I was so so sad about it because it was smashed in to pieces to the point I cannot use it. But I did not want to spend extra penny on a new one so I attempted to fix it with rubbing alcohol. It was a success. Now my Mary-Lou Manizer is back and it works exactly the same as it did before it broke. Anyway, it's a must-have in your makeup collection.

♡Last but not least, it is MAC mineralize skin finish in Soft and Gentle. It's like the Queen of highlighter, isn't it? This is my very first highlighter that I bought. I got this while ago and I use it a lot but I still haven't hit a pan on it. This is a subtle peachy highlighter. It is very soft and smooth on skin and so beautiful. I feel like everybody knows this is a great product so no need to blah blah about this one? One thing I particularly love about this is that it blends so nicely and looks very natural on skin, so I don't have to worried about it too much.

So those are my Top 5 highlighters. I cannot rank them because every highlighter is different and great on its own way. But, for now, my most-used one is definitely Mary-Lou Manizer. So I'll say my "current" favorite is Mary-Lou Manizer. My favorite changes time to time so I don't want to say it is my favorite one but Mary Lou always stays in my makeup bag for the past good months. If I had to pick one highlighter, hmmm… I can't. I can't pick one! But if I really really have to, I'll go with Mary-Lou Manizer because I can use it all season and for any occasion. Also, I did not included here but NARS Albatross is another one of my favorite highlighter. It's a very unique moonlight type of color and it gives a very beautiful effect on your face. I also use it as an eyeshadow. You should definitely give it a go. 

That is everything! And I really hope you enjoyed my Top 5 Highlighters <3

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I love you always, and I'll see you next time.

Much love,
Mayumi :) xx

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