June Favorites 2014 ♡

Hello, beautiful people! It's Mayumi :) Today, I am going to share my June Favorites with you all. June flew like an arrow. It was so fast. I don't know what happened. It also means that we have already gone through half a year of 2014! What THE heck! Can you believe it? I can't. I feel like I was busy all the time and had less "chill out" days this month which I don't know if it's a good thing or not. I hope you all had a fabulous June. But anyway, let's jump into it!

So, this month, I didn't go crazy with new products. These are all my all time favorite items EXCEPT those nail polishes…

I've been loving the Tarte blush in Glisten. It's quite similar to NARS Orgasm but it's a bit less peachy. It's very pigmented and stays all day and lovely all day.

NYC Sunny Bronzer won this month. It's matte and smooth. It's a bit darker than the bronzer that I prefer but I make sure to blend nicely and it's all good. It's cheap, and works amazing. Why not? 

This flat top face brush from ETVOS (Japanese brand I believe) was in my makeup bag the whole time this month. Its very very soft and perfect to apply powder foundation. I'm currently using the DIOR powder but I just kind of pat it rather than squiring it on face and set the foundation. It is also very compact so it's perfect for traveling and stuff :) If I can find a website that ship internationally, I'll link it here later on, in case someone is interested!

DIOR Lip Glow is great as you all probably already know. I was late on trend and I didn't like this lip balm AT ALL. I actually hated it when I started using this because it changes its color depending on your PH balance on your lips or body temperature. (Sounds so cool). So sometimes, I was like…" Oh I don't want my lips to be this pink today!" when I applied it. BUT after I used it more and more, I started to like it especially with natural makeup look for the summer. And I almost used it up. Go try it if you're interested <3

Chasing Rainbow by OPI was a random found at a random store. I fell in love with this multi colored glitters and so I got it and I love it. It goes with pretty much anything and it'll look cool anyway. I love it.

Gold's Night Out by Maybelline was another random found at another random store. When I saw this, my guts told me to get it. So did I. It has different size of glitters so it looks very cool and extra glittery on nails. You can see some rainbow glitters if you look closer and from different angles.

If you are interested in more nail polish stuff, I post a lot of photos on my Instagram so please go check out and follow me there @mayumi1992 if you haven't yet!

Chia seed was in my smoothies every time I make them. It's great to add to the smoothies and other protein shakes. It has OMEGA-3 in it and you'll feel extra satisfied and full if you add it to your smoothies. You can get them anywhere basically. BUT if you live in Japan, it may be difficult to find it, so I recommend the website called iHurb (iHerb.com). They have all those healthy food, snacks and beauty items. You can use it in Japanese as well. The shipping is not expensive considering it's international shipping. I highly recommend this website.

So, that is everything and I hope you guys enjoyed it. 
That would be so great if you could share some of YOUR favorites this month :) 

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I'll see you next time.

Much love,
Mayumi :) xx