Top 5 Summer Lipsticks 2014

Hello, beautiful people! How are you doing? Are you enjoying the summer time/ summer vacation if you have? I am! I really like the summer only if it's not this hot and humid. I am in Philippines now and I feel like my makeup is melting every second. Also, my mom texted me that it was so super hot in Japan. I think she is not very enjoying the hotness. Anyway, summer time, who wants to have fun with colors on your lips? In the winter time, I go for much darker and vampy lips but in the summer time, I prefer to wear something light, fresh and summery. 

So I picked out my top five summer lipsticks that I wear A LOT in the summer time. Both high-ends and high street. I really hope you enjoy it <3

(From left to right) 
So the first one I like to wear is Revlon Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya. It is a nice coral color. Since it is not so pigmented, I wear it a lot when I do not want to think about applying my lipstick perfectly with the mirror. This one, I can just apply it and it's just quick and nice. It is very smooth and moisturizing on lips. It pretty much goes with any type of makeup from neutral makeup to smokey eye makeup. I really enjoy it in the summer time.

NARS Schiap lipstick is my all time favorite lipstick. I discovered this a while ago and I really love it. It is a very nice deep rich pink. Not too purple, not too pale. It really brighten up your face. It is a matte to semi-matte finish and it last a very long time. I just apply a tiny bit and blend it with my finger when I don't want the bold pink lips. If I want my lips to be the main stage on my face, I just apply it and layer it to get a perfect look. It is a very nice color and it is just so appropriate for the summer.

MAC Syrup lipstick is one of those lipsticks that stays in my makeup bag pretty much all the time. I discovered this lipstick in the fall time quite a while ago but I found that it is also perfect for the summer look. It's a nice purply plummy color and it has subtle sparkles in it. When I'm not sure which lipstick to go for, I just gravitated toward this lipstick and it all sets nicely. It is also an easy lipstick so you can just apply it like you apply some chapstick. Honestly, you should have it in your makeup bag right now. 

Next one is one of those lipsticks that somebody loves it or hates it, I think. It's a bright orange lipstick from Top Shop in the color Infrared. Personally, I had never liked this kind of bright colors on my lips until I saw Zoella wore it a lot in her videos. I just think it's a nice pop of color on your face and something different from the traditional red lips or nude colors. The formula is also nice. It lasts a long time and stays on my lips nicely without drying them out. Same thing with Schiap, if I want it to look a bit more natural/subtle, I just apply a tiny bit and blend it with my finger to soften the color. 

The last one is the most exciting one for me. It's Dragon Girl by NARS and it is from their Velvet Matte Lip Pencil line. I love red lipstick but like I said, it's something that I enjoy in the fall and winter time. However, this red lipstick/lip pencil is perfect for summer. It is very matte and stays on the lips all day long. One time, I went to dinner with some people and I was wearing it. I ate like some bread, pasta and some oily food (fried food and stuff) but at the end of the dinner, I checked the mirror and it was still there! I was worried about my lips the whole time when I was having dinner, like "Did I mess it up? Is it still on my lips? Did it smudge?" So I was quite surprised and proud of this lip pencil. Also, color wise, I think it's good for the summer time because it's not too dark of deep. It has some orange undertone and it isn't as heavy as other red lipsticks, in my opinion. I also really like the packaging. It looks very simple and chic with the black and the red. I highly recommend trying this one if you are looking for the summer red lipstick or some sort. 

So, these are my Top 5 Summer Lipsticks and I really hope you enjoyed it and found it somewhat helpful to find your new summer lipsticks :) xx

Please let me know what is your favorite lipsticks for the summer. I'm dying to know your favorites! haha But really.

Anyway, thank you SO much for visiting my blog, I love you, and I'll see you next time.

Much love,
Mayumi :) 

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