Most Used Summer Beauty Items 2014

Hello, beautiful people! I think summer has officially gone, at least where I live, and so I wanted share some beauty related items that I loved and used a lot this summer. 

Most of the products here are already in my other blog posts so if you're interested to see more details, please go ahead and check out my other blog posts :) 

The first item is my NIVEA sunscreen with SPF50+PA++++. I'm pretty sure this particular product is only marketed in Japan but I'm also pretty sure they have similar products wherever you are from NIVEA. This one is great because it's like a regular moisturizer so I usually use it after I use my toner in the morning routine. It doesn't have that "sunscreen-ugh" scent which I'm not a big fan of (if you know what I mean). It's from drugstore so that's also good. I know Aveeno has similar moisturizer so you may want to check that out. 

Next one is DIOR Lipglow. I hated this lip balm when I first got it, if I'm honest because I didn't really enjoy the color that this lip glow gave on my lips. However, this summer, I enjoyed this product so much. I realized that the subtle rosy tint was perfect for summer and I just put some lipgloss over the top of it and it also enhance the color or the lipgloss I put.

Talking about lipgloss, Tanya Burr lip glosses were and are my absolute favorites this summer. It's nicely pigmented and all the colors I own are so lovely. This one is called Picnic in the Park. It's a very pretty slightly coral pink color. It almost works for any makeup look, either natural makeup or smokey makeup. It was a perfect color for the summer.

Any pink nail polishes were very much loved this summer. This one was probably the most used one. It's Union Libre by NARS. It's a very nice bright clean pink which is actually quite similar to Picnic in the Park lipgloss. It just looks so pretty on my nails and the color makes me happy when I look at it. I believe it was limited edition but very similar one from NARS is Schiap. If you're interested to see how it looks on my nails, go check out my Instagram @mayumi1992 :)

Another nail polish that was right in the point this summer was Chasing Rainbows by OPI. It is a multi glitter nail polish and it look so so pretty and sparkly. It almost goes with any nail polish. I like to put it on my ring finger nails as an accent color. It's festive and glitter makes everyone happy I think. So there's that.

NARS lip pencil in Dragon Girl was like my summer staple red lipstick (lip pencil). It's like a traditional Hollywood red but much brighter and playful. I saw Taylor Swift was using some lip pencil by NARS on her Instagram and so I think this is what it was, according to my NARS counter investigation….! Not only it looks so so pretty, it's very matte and stays all day. I ate, had some drinks, and it was still on my lips almost perfectly. If you're looking for some red lipsticks but not sure which one to go for, go for this one. It's quite bright but I think it's wearable for fall and winter, too, and also as a base for another lipstick.

NARS light reflecting powder (translucent) has been my best friend. It's amazing. It's very light but it stays all day and works amazing. It not only keeps my skin stay matte all day but also set my makeup very nicely and help colors (blush, highlighters, bronzer) stay longer. I highly highly recommend this powder for anyone out there. 

This last item may be a bit weird to include in here but I had to. It is a cream medicine for bug bites. Me and bugs have quite a relationship if I'm honest. I got SO MANY bug bites in the summer time. Mosquitos are the most annoying thing ever and I hate them so much but it just happens unexpectedly. So I decided to carry this cream everywhere with me. It seriously saved my life (and a couple of my friends' life). You know how annoying it can be to feel itchy all day and night when we got bug bites! So it was my lifesaver for sure this summer. Do you have these cream/medicine for bug bites in your country? If so, please let me know because I'd love to know. haha

So that is everything! I really hope you enjoyed it and let me know what are your most used summer beauty items or any other things that you loved this summer! 

Thank you so much for taking your time to read my blog.
I love you, and I'll see you next time,
Mayumi :) 

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