Beautiful Norway | Road Trip To Geiranger

Beautiful Norway

Road Trip To Geiranger

Hi, everyone! So this is the 4th part of my Nordic blog and I really hope you like it :)! 
"Beautiful" is the best and only way to express my feeling on this blog post. Whilst I was in Noway, I had a chance to go to this beautiful place called Geiranger. My Norwegian friend, my friends, and my friend's family went on a road trip. It was off season but still, it was so beautiful, gorgeous and it's even hard to express with words. 

It was like a 5-hour drive (can't remember clearly) with some bits of stops to take good photos. I just want to say thank you so much to our driver (friend) for driving all the way while I sat in the back looking nice view out the windows eating chocolates. It was absolutely the best road trip I ever had. The weather was great. Considering the poor weather for the last couple of days in Norway when I was there, I was so glad that we finally had the nice weather. 


Myself, my friend, my friend, my friend's husband, and my friend's mom :)

I couldn't help doing this cheesy pose in front of this gorgeous nature!

Some bricks that look pretty. Then I thought… "what a happy bricks here living in front of this beautiful view!"

Growing up in my area, I have been very close to mountains and clean, fresh air. Living in Japan, however, sometimes it doesn't go like that in the city. Everything is packed and the air is not worth breathing. Japan has some beautiful nature but Norway has even more and more gorgeous nature. I loved and enjoyed every second there. Wherever I looked, it was beautiful and gorgeous. And it was SO big! Mother nature is huge! I felt like I was a tiny little person which I probably am. When the gorgeous nature was in front of me, I felt like all the negatives I had in my life had cleared away by the nature. It was impossible to express how amazing it was with words. I remember, my friend and I were like "It's so beautiful. I don't know what to say. It's so beautiful! Wow. Woooow. Beautiful". And we took lots of photos. I am pretty sure the only adjective we used was "beautiful." When I breathed in the air, I could feel that my cells were doing a happy dance in my body. Yes, I am weird that way. 

The reflection on the water carried me away. It had never seen such beautiful things before. I could clearly see the reflection of the mountains and the little houses on the water just like it was in a mirror. It was breath taking. 

There are different types of happiness. People feel happiness from different things in life. Eating delicious food, watching movies, traveling, shopping (as shopping therapy exist… jk), painting my nails… for example. They all make me happy. But seeing and feeling the gorgeous nature, or breathing and relaxing in the mother nature is whole another story. I would say this is kind of a happiness that I take it for granted, especially living in a busy society in Japan. I am always in a stress, rushing around, feeling like something/someone is chasing me everyday. And I feel like I want to cry and shut myself out from everything sometimes. Norway definitely healed a part of my heart. Just looking at these photos make me tear. The big, beautiful and gorgeous nature stopped my heart. It was such a great experience. 
I absolutely miss being in this gorgeous nature in Norway. I really really want to go there and see it again in the future. 

Thank you so much for reading my blog, I love you, and I'll see you on my next blog tomorrow.

Much love,
Mayumi :)

*All photos are taken by me and they belong to me. Please kindly let me know if you are interested in using them for anything. ;)