My Best Friend's Wedding in Norway

My best friend got married!! 

Hello, beautiful people in the world! This is my last and the best blog post for my Nordic blog series. I clearly saved the best for last.
So... as I said in my previous blog post, THE main reason I went to Norway was for my friends' wedding. I would say that this was the highlight of my year of 2014 even though it wasn't my wedding. It was and is special. 

 And so it happened in the afternoon on October 11th, 2014. 

Basically I witnessed this super lovely couple getting married in Norway. She has been my really good friend for like 4 years now (I think…We met in our university!) and I am absolutely happy for her. I had never been to any of my friends' wedding so I was so excited. I had a very sweet opportunity to do a maid of honer and it was so lovely, great and happy to see her getting married, literally in front of me at the church. So thank you so much Riko for choosing me as a maid of honer <3 And I absolutely loved helping you out during the wedding ;-) 

Girls getting ready. 

*Blurry but you know my camera was crying for happiness. 

The loveliest best man carrying the bouquet, the coat, an umbrella, and my purse. lol Tusen takk Andreas!

Then the best man and I had to watch this HOT couple photo shooting for like 30 minutes…! Yeah…. haha... They were absolutely gorgeous though! They were too cute <3 

And here the after party starts. 

Rika Mami Riko Marina Mayumi <3 
(Basically the 5 best girls in the world)

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and perfect. When she was walking into the church, I was like "No I cannot cry yet!"So honestly I was thinking about completely different things mainly about the food and stuff so that I didn't cry. Sorry… lol The bride and the groom were so beautiful and gorgeous and I was so happy to see them together with the happiest smiles. 
Her dress was so beautiful and gorgeous and of course she was the most beautiful bride in the world. I cannot believe she's married but she is! 

Getting married does not sound so familiar to me yet but I think it's something that's going to happen in the future (hopefully). I am so proud of her for making such a decision and I respect her as a woman and as my best friend. I will be so super sad when she moves to Norway next year and I feel like I will lose my other half but I really hope she stays the happiest with her husband in Norway. And in case you did not notice from my last couple of blog posts, I absolutely love Norway now and so I hope to visit her and her husband a lot in the future. So Riko and Thorstein, prepare for my room and Norwegian food! hihihiiiii

Again, congratulations to both of you! And I love you both so much <3 

Thank you so much for reading, and I'll see you in my next blog post tomorrow.

Much love,

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