One Happy Day in Denmark | Copenhagen

One Happy Day in Denmark

Hi! So if you read my last blog post, here is the second part of my Nordic blog. Denmark

My friend and I had a day and a half in Copenhagen and so we had fun. Since we did not have enough/ extra time to explore, we kind of went for the basics. The city was very beautiful with the colorful buildings and cute café. I really enjoyed taking photos of the colorful architectures and colorful city alongside the canal in Nyhavn. Although, my favorite part was sitting at a café and to relax with my friend, if I'm honest. I really loved how the city was full of art. Random shoes hanging on the wall (Do they have a meaning?), the #happywall, and happy looking mannequin. Cheers to whoever made them because they are quite cool and they definitely add some spice to the city. I loved how the city was stylish, retro and vintagey. It was very fun to just walk around. Everything looked and felt (people and atmosphere wise) different from where I'm from so Denmark itself quite inspired me and amazed me. 

I wish I had more time there because I wanted to explore more in Denmark. I hope to go back there and see more amazing things. If you're from Denmark or if you've been there, please leave me some comments <3

I'll talk to you tomorrow on my next blog.

Much love,
Mayumi :) xx

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