Sweden Got My Heart | Stockholm

Sweden got my heart. 

Hi, everybody. This is the 3rd part of my Nordic blog :-) If you read my past two blog posts, you're amazing <3 If not, you're still amazing. I hope you'll enjoy some of the photos I took  in Sweden.

Only Sweden has these stylish trash can!

Oh heg Mr! 


So, Sweden. I would have to say, out of any countries, I was most excited about Sweden. I just wished I could have stayed there longer for like a month or something…. I saw so many stylish and artistry people in Stockholm. Maybe it's just that people in Sweden know how to express themselves at their best. The city was very beautiful and pretty with all the european architectures. The weather wasn't very pleasant but it was still pretty. Whenever and wherever I looked around, everyone was so stylish and fashionable. There were so many nice shops that totally made me a shopping monster, even though I didn't buy much. I really enjoyed walking around Stockholm and seeing people with different styles. People were very nice and friendly. Unfortunately, I cannot speak Swedish but when I talked to them in English, they kindly switched it to English for me so that I can understand. 

I just loved how everything was perfectly beautiful. The little sign of the hair salon or even the Seven-Eleven looked very stylish. How can Seven-Eleven be so stylish?!! Excuse my many use of "stylish" on this blog post! I felt like the whole city was designed by some cool artists. In fact, swedish people have been creating this amazing city. I like how people smile a lot, and have kind and warm heart to welcome people. 

My favorite place was Gamla Stan. It was absolutely the prettiest thing I had ever seen. The buildings, the roads, the streets and the atmosphere were so vintagey and beautiful. I felt like I went back to 18th century or something. The atmosphere was kind of historical and classic, and it wasn't too modernized which I absolutely fell in love with. There is something about this city. Living in Japan, at least where I live, almost everywhere I see are modernized buildings and city is quite plain and robot-ish without any pretty bricks or roads with stones, for example. Japan doesn't have that vintagey European classic vibes which I personally love. (Of course there are some beautiful places in Japan that I love but it's different type of beauty if you know what I mean.) As I stepped into Gamla Stan, I instantly felt the cozy, classic, and kind of hipstery atmosphere. All the shops and cafĂ© are pretty and I wanted to go to every single one if I had time. 
 I would totally visit Sweden again in the near future. Next time I visit there, I'd love to go to different city where it's not so touristy. I want to see the beautiful nature and some other pretty cities. If you are from Sweden, please tell me your favorite places in Sweden so that I can visit them next time ;-) 

Thank you so much for reading. I'll see you tomorrow on my next blog.

Much love,