Fall Mood | Autumn in Japan

Autumn in Japan 

Colors of Autumn

I recently went to the place called Minoh to see the beautiful fall view. It is located in the north of Osaka and it's a very calm and beautiful place. It is famous for its beautiful nature and so many people visit there in the fall. There's a little tiny waterfall on the top if you walk from the station. I sometimes visit there when I want to feel refresh from a city life. This time, I went there with my mom and enjoyed the little fall mood. 

Fall is my favorite season and I love wearing cozy sweaters and layering clothes. I also love the fall colors such as deep wine red or caramel color. I see these colors everywhere in the fall time. All the leaves are changing colors and they are absolutely gorgeous. It has been quite warm this fall so I feel like the leaves hadn't changed color much when I visited there but it was still pretty. 

My favorite place to enjoy the fall is in the States. It's Missouri. They have the best fall mood. When I was there 2 years ago, I absolutely loved the beautiful nature and enjoyed seeing the leaves changing colors. I wish I was there now. 

How does your fall look like? Share your fall mood :)

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