A Spicy Little Haul |Bobbi Brown, Tom Ford

The other day, I was exploring the department store after work and I came across some items that needed to be in my makeup collection for a good reason. I really love them, and I hope you will, too!

First I went to Bobbi Brown. I had never tried Bobbi Brown eyeshadows so I was kind of skeptical about them but I decided to give it a go.I was looking for some thing bronze because I've been obsessed with bronzy look these days. So I was looking through all the colors and swatching everything right? Then I found the one that I really liked. It's a beautiful rich bronzy brown and very sparkly. I knew Bobbi Brown has this sparkle eyeshadow line but never thought I would try. When I swatched it, it looked very powdery and it was not pigmented at all. But then as I tried it a couple of times, I started to like the color. To be honest, I didn't really fancy this eyeshadow until I saw the back and it said "Allspice." I was like "I have to get this." You know... my blog name is Spice Up Your Beauty and I mean...DUH. I love everything spice. So although I wasn't sure about the quality of this eyeshadow, my intuition said I needed it so I went for it.
Long story short, I ended up really liking this eyeshadow. I never owned this kind of sparkly eyeshadows but I think it really adds something special on my eyes. I personally wouldn't use this on its own. Eye primer or eyeshadow base is definitely needed. Without them it does not stay on your lids and the sparkles just go everywhere really. But if you use the right primer/eyeshadow cream, it looks very pretty and sparkly. I am thinking about getting different colors from the same line since I really fell in love with the sparkles. 

Next thing I got was Tom Ford cream eyeshadow in the color "Spice." I mean, you know what's going on hereā€¦ I never bought Tom Ford products because they are quite pricy. However, when I saw the name "Spice," I knew I had to get it. And most importantly, the color was right up in my alley. It reminds me of Bad to the Bronze by Maybelline but it's less taupy. It's so super soft and creamy. It's almost like a mousse texture. Very pigmented and amazing color payoff with just one swipe. You might want to use a synthetic brush or any brushed for even application but if you want it to be much richer and darker, you can just use your finger to apply it. It's gorgers on its own but I like to put some powder eyeshadows to set everything. In fact, I love using it with Bobbi Brown eyeshadow. It creates the most perfect bronzy look. The Tom Ford cream eyeshadow holds the Bobbi Brown "Allspice" very well and two together is just the perfection. 

If you like natural makeup, both of these products are great for you. Also, if you want to get out of your comfort zone and wear something a little bit more sparkly than usual for holiday season, Bobbi Brown eyeshadow is the one to go for. Tom Ford products are quite expensive and it's not something that I would reach for often but the quality of the products are trustable and amazing. Bronze look is so on point this season and I think it is perfect for holiday as well 

How about treating yourself with a bit of "Spice" for the holiday like I did? 

I hope you enjoyed it and found it somewhat helpful.

Please let me know your favorite products from Bobbi Brown and Tom Ford in the comment below. 

I love you much, and I'll see you next time.

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