November Favorites 2014 ♡

November Favorites ♡2014

Hello, beautiful people :) So last month, I clearly failed to post things here on my blog. I'm sad but it's just the fact of my life… So, today I'm going to show you some things that I absolutely loved using in November. I hope you enjoy!

Swatches in two different lightings. 

In the month of November, I didn't really buy any new makeup except two products and so I went through some of my favorite fall items from last year. 

For hair, I loved using L'Oreal Elseve/Elvive Extraordinary Oil. I was using the one that has a purple pump/ spray thingy before but my mom accidentally got this one this time so I gave it a try. I would say it's definitely heavier than Ultra Light for Fine Hair (the one with purple spray), texture wise. I always warm it up between my hands before I apply it to my hair. I then apply it on the tip of my hair first, and apply it to the rest of my hair with whatever left on my hands. I usually use this after towel drying my hair before I go to bed. My hair feels so soft and nice on the next day. I actually have been using the shower and conditioner from the same line and I absolutely love them. Oh the scent. It smells woody and nice. I don't really know how to explain this scent if I'm honest. It kind of smells like the flower Ilang Ilnag to me. Although the product claims to contain 6 flower oils, I don't really smell THE flowers. I am not a big fan for floral scent so to me it's great. 

For face, I love the Dior NUDE foundation. I got some sample at my Dior counter while ago and I tried it and loved it. I love my Dior Forever foundation and I always said it's the best foundation for me BUT maybe, NUDE is the best one. The first reason is the color. I use the color in 20 and it matches to my skin tone almost perfectly. While the Dior Forever one, I tried both 20 (pink undertone) and 21 (gold undertone) and both didn't match to my skin tone quite well. I currently have 21 but it's just too dark. The second reason is the formula. Since the summer has ended, my skin tends to get dryer than before. In the summer time, "stay matte" is what I look for in my foundation but in the colder season, "stay moisturize" is my propriety. I mean, no one wants to look cakey right? So I really love how this foundation makes my skin natural and nice. I might get a full size bottle! The similar foundations/dupes I would say are YSL Touche Éclat and Healthy Mix serum by Bourjois. Touche Éclat is a little bit more dewy and glowy and Healthy Mix is slightly more natural and light but they are quite similar. 

I absolutely love the blush by Sonia Kashuk in the color spice. I got this long time ago in America and I  just think this is the perfect blush for fall and winter. I don't know if you can see from the photo but it has a tiny little gold shimmer in it and it makes everything perfect. When you look at it, you might think WOW it's very red but when you actually apply it, it gives a perfect color on the cheek. But you have to be careful when you apply it because it's quite pigmented. This is going to be my staple blush this winter. 

For eyes, I have been loving this cream eyeshadow by CHANEL in the color Mirage. It's a very beautiful bronze color. I've been obsessed with bronzy eyes and dark lipsticks so this is perfect. It looks gorgeous on its own but I often use some power eyeshadow on the top. I think it's one of those colors that look good on pretty much anyone. 

Then to keep the bronze theme, I have been loving another cream eyeshadow in a pencil style by Milani. It's in the color Brown Deluxe. It's a deep reddish tone brown color and it's so beautiful. I actually use this as an eyeliner for my bottom lash line. I also love using it as a eyeshadow base but recently, I just use this as an eyeliner. For some reason, it brings out my brown eyes and I love that. I'm surprised that it doesn't smudge at all. I highly recommend it. 

Another item for eyes, I've been loving this pigments by GOSH makeup. We don't have GOSH makeup in Japan but I got it in Philippines. Anyway, this pigments is amazing. It's in the color Vanilla. I never really owned any pigments before but I was always interested in it. This pigments is very smooth and subtle. It slightly has the golden undertone. I like using this on my eyebrow bones and as cheekbone highlight. It's so tiny and cute and I absolutely love it. Pigments are sometimes annoying when you're in a rush but it's worth trying. 

Last but not least, my original pumpkin pie spice. So, while I lived in the States, I loved their pumpkin spice. However, I couldn't find it anywhere in Japan (at least in my area) but I really really really wanted to make some pumpkin bread and pumpkin everything for fall and winter. So I decided to make my own. I love this so much and I use this so much recently. I add it in to my tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and I also made some pumpkin bread and this spice totally nailed it. 

So that is everything for my November Favorites and I really hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for reading, and I'll see you next time.

Much love,