Last Vacation Together | Trip to Miyako Island in Okinawa, Japan

Hello, beautiful people :-) I hope you are well wherever you are. 
Recently, I went on a vacation with my three best friends to Miyako Island in Okinawa, Japan. If you've heard of Okinawa, that's the main island and it has several islands around it. Miyako Island is one of them. It is famous for its beautiful beach and nature. We have decided to go to Miyako Island because we all wanted to go somewhere warm and tropical. We thought about Thailand but that didn't quite work out well so we ended up exploring our own country, which was a great choice at the end. 

It did not take a while for us to realize that we landed in a tropical island (from our freezing cold hometown). When we landed, the temperature was about 18-21 degrees (celsius) and it felt perfectly good. Not too cold, not too hot. 
I was all prepared to wear my tropical-appropriate outfits so as soon as we got to the hotel, I chanced my outfit.

Rather than me rambling, I took so many beautiful pictures so I hope you enjoy :-)

Would have been a perfect picture if my pedicure didn't chip! 

↑Photo credit to Riko. She has an amazing photos on her Instagram so go check her out @ricopin54 <3

My platinum Sperry's <3 

We rented a car and drove everywhere since it's the only way we can commute aside from city buses. The view was always great and I absolutely loved it.

Many foreign travelers love to go to Tokyo but there are many other places that worth visiting. For example, Kyoto. If you come to Japan and don't visit Kyoto, you are missing out. I haven't explored my own country a lot not quite yet but Miyako Island is now one of my favorite places and I would recommend to all of my friends and you out there. 

It was our graduation trip before we get separated after graduation so this trip was definitely memorable and wonderful. I love hanging out with these girls and they are a huge part of my life now so I always love to hang out with them. Whenever we are together, we always laugh so hard and share our happiness like no other.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it! 
I filmed a little bit of our trip and put it up on my YouTube channel so you can click here now and watch it if you'd like :) ('s mostly all about beaches and us having fun but I hope you'll like it! 

Thank you so much for sticking around till here. You are awesome :)
And I'll see you next time.

Much love,

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