February Favorites 2015 ♡

Hello, beautiful people :) How was your February? Mine was so fast and I don't know how that happened. But I hope you all had a great February! Today I am going to show you my February Favorites in 2015. To be honest, I did not try out new products of anything in February so I didn't really have new favorites. However, I rediscover some new favorites from my makeup collection so I thought I would share it with you all. 
In this favorites, I only talk about beauty stuff so if you are not interested in those, I'm really sorry!

But other than that, I hope you enjoy it! 

Maybelline Total Clear makeup remover was my life saver. I wear waterproof makeup all the time and sometimes I find it difficult to remove them completely without pressuring my skin. I use this makeup remover as my "just to make sure" makeup remover. I use my MAC cleans off oil first and use this specifically on my eyes and lips to remove my makeup completely. I would say it is a dupe for Take The Day Off Makeup remover by Clinique. It's affordable and works nicely so I highly recommend it if you are looking for an inexpensive point makeup remover. 

These earrings are from Swarovski and I got them quite recently. It's a beautiful mixture of emerald green and aquamarine blue I would say. This color reminds me of Princess Jasmine from Disney for some reason. I love this color and I wore it all the time. The design and the cut are very simple so I can wear it with any style and I love that.

I got this palette while ago and it was my all time favorite but this month, I used tons. NARS The Happening palette was a good re-discovery from my makeup collection. I love the blush in this palette called orgasm. I know NARS has very sexual naming sense on their products but the color is very gorgeous and one of a kind. It's a beautiful peachy color with gold sheen to it. I think this blush would look good on many skin tones. I think the gold shimmer is a key to make your skin look nice and glowy. Also, I think this would be a perfect color for spring and summer.

This was actually a new purchase for me. It's Estée Lauder Pure Color 02. It is a single eyeshadow but I use it as a highlight along my cheekbones and on my eyebrow bones. It gives a nice glow on my cheek and I love adding this after I apply blusher. Since it's supposed to be used as an eyeshadow, it's compact and perfect for traveling as well. It's always a bonus when an awesome makeup item is small and travel friendly. I can keep it in my makeup bag and use it when I do touchup so I have been loving this little baby. 

Inglot eyeshadows are one of my favorites. It's very smooth and pigmented. I have been loving this color in 31 (AMC shine) on the left. It's a shimmery sandy brown color with a slight taupy sheen to it, depending on the lighting (at least with my eyeballs, I see it!).
If you like natural makeup, I think it is a great one for you. I usually add some darker eyeshadows on the crease when I use this eyeshadow but it's beautiful on its own. >>>http://inglotcosmetics.com/31.freedom.system.eye.shadow/product/17019

Virtuôse Drama mascara by Lancôme is a great mascara for lengthening. I actually got this like 3 years ago and totally forgot that I bought it. So I opened it recently. (Don't worry I don't use 3 year-old mascara!) It is very black and the formula is very soft. I do not use this mascara on its own because it is not waterproof and it does not hold the curl (my lashes are super straight). So I use this mascara after I use The Rocket mascara by Maybelline to give a bit more volume and length. 

This is my favorite pink lipstick at the moment. I wore it a lot in February. It's Flat Out Fabulous by MAC. I saw Camila Coelho on YouTube was wearing it and I had to try it. It looked so good on her! And I never really thought about wearing this kind of bright statement pink lipstick but I thought I would give it a go and I ended up loving it so much. It's their retro matte finish so it's super matte. You won't have any smudging issue unless you eat oily food or actual oil. The color is very vibrant and very pink yet quiet wearable, in my opinion. I think it's perfect for spring and summer so check this out if you are looking for a new statement lipstick <3 

Here are all the swatches :) 

And lastly, for music favorite, I really enjoyed listening to Mumford&Sons music. I love their sound and style so much. It's very chilled out and their music has positive energy in my opinion. I used to listen to their music when I was in the States and it reminds me of that memories so much. If you haven't checked out their music, I highly recommend it!

That is everything for my February Favorites and I really hope you enjoyed it! Please let me know what were your favorites in February and also how was your February in the comment down below <3  I'd love to chat with you ;)

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