Japan | Camping in Shizuoka

Hello, beautiful people! It's Mayumi. How are you all doing? I hope you are well. 

Today, I am going to throw back a little bit and going to show you some of the photos from the "camping" I went back in May. Well, it was more like "going into the nature and stay at a cottage" but let's just say camping because it sounds much cooler! 
As you may of may not know, I live in Shizuoka, Japan now for work, where it's not as exciting as the city life yet it's exciting because the area is new to me. 

Some people from work and I went to the place called Kakegawa and booked a cottage for a night. 

I'm from the area where it's surrounded by nature back in Osaka so sometimes I miss that. Shizuoka is full of nature already but we went even deeper for the nature. There was nothing but the nature there. It was very calm and green. We drove there / me sitting in the back seat sleeping all the way.

They are my new Chinese friends I met from work. Without them, I'd be so alone!
I'm so grateful to have them around.

Here is a fact about me. My favorite color is green. Not a regular green but moss green or emerald green. Sometimes, I put my outfit together, look in the mirror, and realize that I incorporated too many green items. Does that ever happen to you? 
Anyways, I really enjoyed taking photos of beautiful nature there.

Artistic rock stairs. Sooo bootiful! 

This is the cottage we stayed. Pretty cool, eh?

We had a BBQ outside and the fire was so pretty! I love eating outdoor. 
I also did an outfit of the day because I found this pretty background of the cottage. I'm really into finding cool walls for my outfit photos recently. And I'm obsessed with these flashy sunglasses I got. I am IN LOVE. 

Always pose like you're shooting for VOGUE. Because you'll never know when Anna Wintour is going to find me you know.

This is funny in multiple levels.

There were lots of pretty flowers there. I don't know what they are called but they were so tiny and pretty. Does anyone out there know what these are called?!

"He loves me, loves me not…. loves me, loves me not." 

So that is it for this blog post. I hope you enjoyed some of the photos I took. Have you been on a camp? It was not a proper camping this time but I'd love to go sometime and have a campfire and get cozy with friends. I still have some places I want to visit in Shizuoka, especially beaches and lakes they have here. If you live in the area, please let me know any cool places to visit!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. It means a lot to me really. I love you, and I'll see you next time. 
Also, I went to Tokyo last weekend and took some photos so stay tuned for my Tokyo blog post if you are interested <3 

Much love,