Mayumi Goes to Tokyo | Day 1

Hello, beautiful people! How are you doing? Hope you all are well. Today, I am sharing some of the photos I took during my stay in Tokyo a few weeks ago. I hope you'll get to see the beauty of Tokyo through my eyes. 

Growing up in Osaka, I always thought Osaka/Kansai region is the best, in fact, it is. However, I haven't visited Tokyo for so long that I barely knew about it. I thought it would not be fair to have a hate on Tokyo without seeing it with my eyeballs. 

Some of my very close friends recently moved to Tokyo for work so I figured this would be a great opportunity not just to see my friends but also to explore Tokyo. So I went. 

-TOKYO Day 1-

Woke up at 5am to take the long-distance bus from Hamamatsu to Tokyo. Luckily, one of my friend took the same bus so I made it to the bus without being late. Anyways, after being on the bus for 4 hours, I got to Tokyo safe and sound. Beautiful sunshine welcomed me, as well as the massive amount of people. 

Tokyo Station

Reunited with my friends!

Such a sociable friends, aren't they…

They are one of my closest friends and they are the reason I visited Tokyo. I was so stoked to see them!

My trip to Tokyo was consist of three things; catching up with the ladies, eating, and more eating. 
It's even surprising that "shopping" wasn't the main activity, which usually is one of my favorite activities to do, along with girls' talk and eating. 

After having lunch, we walked around and ended up with this pretty café we randomly found. 

Then they took me to Shibuya which is one of the busiest areas in Tokyo. I am sure a lot of you have seen this famous scramble crossing but it was literally scrambled with people and all those buildings around it.

I love her and I hope she does, too <3

After we walked around for a while, it started to rain, but with a dash of sunshine. We had a quick stop at Forever 21 until the rain stopped.

Look how gorgeous it is! The perfect amount of rain and the sunshine turned the city into golden color, which was absolutely stunning. 

After it stopped raining, we started to walk again on a hunt for a perfect dinner place. While I was amazed by the amount of people and how busy the city was, I found so many art in Tokyo. 

This is one of my favorite wall arts I found around Shibuya. 

I don't know who drew this, I don't know what it was, but it was so unique and powerful. 

We decided to go a bit unhealthy but I came to a conclusion that it WAS healthy because avocado, DUH. Well, at least that's how my brain works. 

The restaurant is called T.G.I.F., which is an American style diner. The dinner was great with a good talk and the great atmosphere of the restaurant. 

After the dinner, I requested my friends to take me to the coffee shop I really wanted to go. Fuglen is a Norwegian style coffee shop that serves really good coffee. Norway has become one of my favorite countries after I visited there last year (here are the links to my blog post of my trip to Norway if you are interested,, and it only made sense to visit Fuglen while I was in Tokyo. 

The place was a little crowded but I had a perfect cup of café latte to finish the day with the girls. Coming here with these two was something because we all went to Norway together last year. It reminded me of the time we spend together, especially the night time "Kaffe" we always had in Norway. 

This is just a little part of Tokyo I saw in a day but I hope you enjoyed some of the photos 

Thank you so much for taking time to read my blog! It means the world to me. 
TOKYO Day 2 blog post is coming up next so please stay tuned for that if you are interested <3 

Again, thank you so much for visiting my blog, and I will see you on my next blog post. 

Much love,