Mayumi Goes to Tokyo | Day 2

Hello beautiful people. How is/was your day? I hope you are well wherever you are :) If you have read my last blog post, first of all, thank you, and second of all, this is Day 2 of my trip to Tokyo a few weeks ago. I captured some "busy city" scenery that I didn't get to see when I was in Shizuoka prefecture back then. Tokyo was new to me and it was exciting to see one of the busiest cities in the world. I hope you enjoy reading and looking through some photos I took. 

-Day 2-

I stayed in Tokyo on Saturday and Sunday that's when the city gets the most crowded. There are so many people in Tokyo anyway but on weekend, it just gets more intense. Very intense. 

On Sunday, again, I met up with my friend. We did some shopping, and just had a very chilled out day taking a walk and having coffee.

We got to Harajuku station where it was, of course, filled with people. This station was unique because it was retro-looking which I though was very cool with the combination of modernness and oldness in Tokyo.  

I LOVE this kind of architecture. Sometimes, I feel like Japanese architecture, especially houses, are plain, non-sense, and boring, while some modern architectures are quite attractive. The entrance of this building is like a mirror and it reflects the people under it as well as the city view in front of it. It reminded me of some cool architecture in Las Vegas where everything was dynamic and unexpected. I love the contrast between the modern surface of the building, some trees on it, and futuristic mirrored entrance. Aesthetic it is. 

My friend and I tried to go to some highly recommended and popular restaurants but, of course, the lines were way too long for us. We went for a plan B. We just walked around and found this really pretty French restaurant. 
 Their lunch special was really good. The chocolate pudding on the right corner on the plate was amazing. 

I love this shot. That guy is like "What the... Girls..." 

And then we went to Meiji Shrine of my request. I'd never been and I really wanted to go. The shrine was very calm and full of nature. I almost felt like I went back to Kyoto because the atmosphere was so relaxing and old-Japan-ish, yet still felt quite touristy. 

I'm so glad that the weather was gorgeous on that day. Sunny day makes my heart hop. 

I mean... This guy is so next level in multiple levels, isn't he... 
Little things make me happy, little things make me laugh a lot. 

Little shopping street in Omotesandou. 

And then we decided to have a break because we walked around and we got tired. We found this really pretty French café. 

The table and my phone case matching <3 

This Crêpe Suzette was SO GOOD. They put some liquor on the crêpe and lit the fire on the crêpe! It was so cool!

This shopping street reminds me of 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica for some reason.

Oh my goodness. This little boy was so adorable!


I didn't like the drink I ordered. It tasted so weird.

Met up with another friend from university and we all had dinner together :) It was so lovely and nice to catch up with my friends.

Thank you Rika for showing me around and hanging out with me! It's always my favorite to spend time with you.

I hope you enjoyed it! If you haven't checked out Day 1 blog post that I posted, please go check it out now :)

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