Happy Halloween

Hello, gorgeous people! How are you all doing? I hope you are having a good day wherever you are in the world.

Well.…. Happy Halloween! 

My favorite season of the year is fall because I love all the fall colors such as burgundy, orange,  purple, and the colors of the falling leaves outside. It just feels right. Also it is the time when candles and hot drinks such as hot chocolates come back to my life. And of course, wearing dark red lipsticks every single day. I love it.

I have decorated my room to make it look more Halloween and autumn appropriate for October. I've got a tiny little room so I cannot do a lot of decoration but I have managed to get the halloween vibes in my room. I hope you enjoy seeing the little part of my room :)  

As a side note, this time, I have tried using some filters on my photos, which I don't usually do for my blog photos. However, I thought it would look cool and more autumno so I hope you like it ;) 

This is very autumno, isn't it? So pretty!
I like to put some seasonal flowers (fake ones) on my desk each season. 

Those cookies in the back are from my mom. 
Oh my goodness, I love pumpkins. 

I wish autumn season lasted a bit longer. 
This morning, I made a coffee with decorative marshmallows on the top. How pretty! 
Although I prefer my coffee without marshmallows, I had to do it because my halloween vibe is real and I am serious about it. hahaha

That is all for today's blog. I really hope you enjoyed it! Please tell me which is your favorite season in the comment :) 

And that would be wonderful if you could share my blog with your friends and family if you liked it! That would mean a lot to me.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

And Happy Halloween! 

Much love,