Little Kyoto in Tokyo | Asakusa

Hello, beautiful people. How's it going? 
Japan is finally getting a bit chilly and I feel like the winter is just around the corner. 

How is it in your country? Is it cold? Hot? I miss summer but I am kind of glad that I don't have to sweat every time I walk outside. 

My friend (best friend's mom) was visiting Tokyo for her work and so we have decided to hang out and do a little sightseeing in Tokyo. I thought I couldn't make enough time but luckily, my work schedule had changed so I had a whole day to spend time with her, which was great. 

We went to Asakusa first, and enjoyed the atmosphere there. Asakusa is like a little Kyoto in Tokyo. There are temples and shrines with lots of tourists. The atmosphere of the area is very different from the centre of Tokyo that it almost feel like I am back in Kyoto whenever I go there. I live very close to Asakusa so it is very nice to have a little area that reminds me of Kyoto. 

This is like the smoke machine (not machine but the thing) where people take in the smoke, which is believed to bring good health, and intelligence. But if you take the smoke shower for too long, it kind of stinks after all. So maybe not too much, if you do. 

This is one of my favorite shots from this day, using my brand new 50mm lens. I like the red and gold so much.

And I found the beautiful and colorful flowers! They are so bright and beautiful! They look like they are smiling at us, don't they?

We found some Ningyo Yaki which is like a small pancake. We were happy to get some snacks on the go. 

Here is our lunch for the day. We had Soba the noodles. It was so delicious. We are one of those people who can eat forever… haha

And we headed to Meiji Shrine to get some good energy. It is such a nice place in a busy city. Every time I go there, I feel calm and nice. 
Right before the entrance to the shrine, the beautiful sunset welcomed us. 

I don't know what she's point but probably my face. haha 
She's so lovely! My best friend's mom is basically my best friend! 

For some reason, I am really attracted to the reflection on the water of any sorts. I think it is absolutely beautiful and stunning. It's like mirror created in the nature. 

This is the well that you can only go inside if you pay the entrance fee. So it is kind of like a secret special place. It is believed to have the really good energy because of the crystal clear pure water from the ground. It never stops. We were not allowed to drink the water from here but we kind of did, because why not! 

Look how clear it is! 
We dipped our special bracelets to purify them and power charge from the mother nature. 

After our little walk and sightseeing, we went for a coffee before dinner. 
It was a high-end coffee but good place. It is called Shu (集). If you like heavy duty coffee, you will like this place. 

And then my best friend's mom was going to dinner with her old friend and they were so kind and invited me for the dinner. It was so nice of them to do that. I had an amazing time and had a nice chat with them. It was definitely a quality time, especially when I got to spend time and talk with people who I don't get to do that often. I feel so blessed.

And these are the amazing cheese. I just had to show it to you. Holy moly it was delish. 

That is it for this blog post. I really hope you enjoyed it. Have you visited Tokyo? I actually never thought I would live in Tokyo until I actually did. If you know any places you recommend, please do let me know in the comment. Also, if you have a blog, leave me the link below in the comment! Let's interact! :) 

Thank you so much for reading my blog and taking your precious time. It really means a lot to me and I appreciate it. xx

I will see you until next time.

Much love,