My Favorite Coffee Shops in Tokyo

Hello, beautiful people :) How are you? 
I hope you are having an amazing day or night wherever you are.

Do you know my current obsession? You could easily tell it from the title of this blog but… it's COFFEE.

My very first encounter with coffee was when I was quite little when my sister enjoyed having coffee at home. You know when you are little, everything your sisters or brothers do looks cool and you want to do the same? I remember having my own mug and asked my sister to pour me some coffee. My sister added some chocolate sprinkles because coffee taste was too bitter for little me. I even thought that was like the coolest thing ever at that time. 

I always enjoy having coffee but more recently, my obsession has gotten more serious. I am a type of person who gets obsessed really hard with something when I find something I really like. For example, nail polish. I can go on and on and on about nail polish. It's something that fascinates me and attracts me a lot. Another example is music. When I find a song that I really like, I listen to it over and over and over again until I get tired of it to the point where I hate listening to it. 

I think my weird obsession habit started quite in the early stage of my life. My mom said that when I was little, she had to read the same storybook for a hundred times until I can finally move on to the next one. I apparently remembered every single lines in the book as she read it for me over and over again. 

Does any of you have the same obsession problem? I don't think it is bad but sometimes I feel like I have one of those obsessive disorders. haha 

So yes, I have been obsessed with coffee and I thought I would write about it. I am going to show you two of my favorite coffee shops I found in Tokyo. There are many more coffee shops I like, and I like to share with you so I decided to split into a few series of blog posts otherwise one blog post would be so long. And this is the first one of the coffee blog series.
So let's begin :) Enjoy! 

The first one is Unlimited Coffee Bar in Oshiage. When I moved to Tokyo, I was searching the web to see if there was any good coffee shops around my area and I found this place. One of my favorite things about this coffee place is that they are coffee shop but also a bar. I am not a huge alcohol drinker but the bar atmosphere makes the place more interesting. It is quite small and the atmosphere is very cozy. Baristas will explain what beans they are using and they help you choose the flavor. They are very friendly and nice. 

Also, they have good food as well. Many coffee shops may have a bit of cakes and cookies but most of them focus on offering good coffee, which is nice, but sometimes I want some food as well. I often go there at night after I finish work so it is very nice that they have good food there. Also, my absolute favorite part of UCB is that they opens until midnight. Most coffee shops I found, close at around 5pm or 7/8pm, which is fine because I think less people seek for coffee at night. However, after I finish work, I usually have this really serious craving for coffee. I usually have coffee in the morning, and the evening. So it is very very nice that I know I will be able to have coffee even at 10pm if I wanted. 

So pretty! I love this kind of vintagy style in things.


Heart in a cup. It's love. 

You should try this chicken rice with mustard sauce is so damn good.

If you ever visit Oshiage, Asakusa, or somewhere around, check out this place :) 

The second stop is Glitch in Jimbocho. It is so far my favorite coffee shop especially because it has the most comfortable and relaxing atmosphere I have ever had out of any coffee shops I went so far. So. far. Not only that, they have really good coffee and good people. The barista there really think about coffee that they serve, and they know what they are doing, which sometimes, I don't know what they are doing. haha... I can really tell that they are very passionate and serious about their cup of coffee they serve to their customers. 

The place has large windows facing the street and it stands out when you walk towards the shop. It is also a very small shop but the large windows make it look and feel more spacious. The indirect lighting makes the place look cozy and home.  

I have tried iced mocha, iced americano (Kenya), and drip coffee (Ethiopia) and all of them were fabulous. They only have single origin which means they don't have blend coffee. 

Finished it so fast…

One of the nicest things about coffee shops is that you might run into some really cool people and have a really good conversation you wouldn't think you could have. The baristas there are very friendly and laid back so it is easy to start a little conversation. They not only talk about things but they also talk about coffee so I can learn some bits about coffee, which is awesome. I really like coffee but I don't know much about it so it is very nice to know new things about it. Yuji-san (sneaky picture down below) is one of their baristas and he's very friendly. I enjoy having conversation with him. 

There is this event called Coffee Festival where all the coffee passionates gather and share the love for coffee. He organizes the Coffee Festivals in Tokyo, so if you are interested, go check it out. Here is the link to the event! →

So that is the end of this blog post. Are you a coffee drinker or more like tea drinker? 
Let me know in the comment :) I used to be a huge tea drinker but now I just drink both a lot. Coffee is so important in my daily life not only to wake my mind up with all the caffeine but also to enjoy coffee shops spending time with a cup of coffee doing things I love, such as blogging, reading books and talking with friends. 

This is Vol.1 of my coffee shops blog series so soon there will be Vol.2 and more hopefully!  Please stay tuned for the next one ;) Also, you should follow me on Instagram @mayumi1992 I post lots! 

Thank you so much for reading my blog <3 It means a lot and makes me really happy :) 

Please tell me your favorite coffee shops wherever you are, or in Tokyo! 

Again, thanks for visiting, and I'll see you next time. 

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